November 30th, 2008

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Torres, Sneijder and Pepe join the infirmary

More bad news for Real Madrid from the injuries front. Sneijder and Torres were forced to leave the pitch during the match against Getafe, while Pepe managed to finish the game despite a niggle. Sneijder has a strain on the back of his right thigh. Torres has the same thing on his right thigh. Pepe has a contracture on his left quadriceps. The three players will undergo further medical examinations on Sunday to determine the seriousness of their injuries.

Well, shit.
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bringing you celtic's resident bad ass mother fucker

first things first, I finally got a footbo thing so add it add it addit.

Ok so to continue my Celtic players series, today I bring you our holy goalie. While SOME unmentionable keepers do nice stuff like go to Peru and help kiddies and do benefits for malaria and shite like that.. Artur Boruc is a BAMF. Smoking cigars, crazy love triangles, hated by a polish gangster whose ex he cheated on his wife with (they were having problems already ok). He recently gave an interview saying he doesn't think he'll ever be a hero at Celtic, but this man has the greatest goalie song I've ever heard and he's worshipped by bhoys and ghirls across the globe despite his media attention.

And he was just named third best goalkeeper in the world behind San Iker and Gigi.

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Gifs on ontd_españa

This post is for tutoopink 's birthday (for which I am very late). I know how much you love the Spaniards so I hope their cesciness will make you forgive my lateness! And since a lot of you seemed to have appreciated my last post of gifs, I've decided to share on this comm. Enjoy! :)


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Credit: the gifs of the best moments of the Euro are from 'Informe Robinson' (the videos have been posted here by the wonderful [info]soarne ). The other gifs are from various Spain's games (against Estonia, Belgica, Chile...).
Coming next: Valencia CF's gifs :D
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Nail Techurran: I'm a dancing on the tables type of party girl

memorable quotes:
  • ‘Is this shot going to be full-length? If it’s not, I won’t bother holding my belly in,’

  • ‘...generally, I’m a happy p*ssed person.’

  • ‘Steven’s disciplined, so I do the partying. If he does have a few days off he’ll go for a few little drinks with his friends, but mostly he’s like, “You go out with your mates”.’

  • ‘Steven bought me a Mercedes last year. I had no idea I was getting it, but he drove it in to the driveway, and I saw him. I was like, “Oh my God, I can’t believe it” and I pretended I hadn’t seen it, but he knew I had. I felt dead bad on him.

  • ‘I haven’t been shopping for three weeks now. That’s good isn’t it?’

  • ‘do I understand the offside rule? God, no!’

under the cut: full article/more ~*~professional modeling~*~

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