November 24th, 2008


Sergio Ramos García, que nació el 32 de Marzo de 1986 d.C., en Camas, en Sevilla (España); es actor de cine porno (parece que se ha cepillado a más de un millón de mujeres) y jugador de fútbol del Real Mandril. Su hijo secreto (que le dio a una japonesa en una gira de pretemporada del Madriz por Asia) fue piloto de Fórmula 1.

So I guess he's been putting his horsecock to a good use ...

And A Packet of Crisps

Posting this on behalf of iateyourhotcock
while she finishes some dumas schoolwork.

How Manchester Utd stars will beat the Xmas credit crunch

Ronaldo and co to buy each other cheap tat

"Haaayyy guiiise, Ronnie's got PREZZIES!!"

“Secret Santa” systems are usually reserved for drab offices full of mutual loathing, but two years ago Jose Mourinho also “raised morale” at Chelsea with a secret present draw. This year, the highly paid stars at Manchester Utd will refrain from grotesque spending gestures, parting with just £5 for Christmas gifts:

“Alex didn’t want the lads openly flaunting their wealth this Christmas, with most families struggling.”

So spending as little as a fiver will go down well. A few players already have their thinking caps on about what might be appropriate and raise a giggle.”

If the players are struggling for worthless rubbish to give each other gift ideas, they should visit this site - there’s a “strip tease pen” for C-Ron, something called a “Moody Face” for Berbatov and a charming Hello Kitty letter set, with which Carlos Tevez could write to the many beautiful women he is [allegedly] having affairs with.


I hope they report the results! Guesses in the comments!
Dirk Luis


Arsene Wenger has announced the new Arsenal Captain is Cesc Fabregas
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Arsene Wenger has revealed that Cesc Fabregas will be the new captain of Arsenal.
Speculation had been mounting as to whether the Gunners chief would decide to strip former skipper William Gallas of the honour.
The Frenchman had been openly critical of his team-mates last week, putting his position under threat.
Wenger has now decided that it is time for change, rewarding Fabregas for his continued progression into a world-class performer.
The Spaniard will lead the club for the first time in their UEFA Champions League contest with Dynamo Kiev on Tuesday.

In my opinion he's too young.,19528,11661_4543058,00.html


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Englishman Arrested For Trying To Murder Maradona

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According to reports from the Argentine press, an Englishman was arrested for attempting to decapitate Diego Maradona with a machete when El Pibe d'Oro made his debut as the coach of Argentina last Wednesday...

An Englishman was arrested on the day when Diego Armando Maradona made his official debut as the coach of Argentina against Scotland, after planning to decapitate the Argentine football legend.
The aggressor was identified as Ian Wellworth, a 43-year-old, who was detained when found in the possession of a machete outside Hampden Park Stadium.
It has been claimed that he was hoping to exact revenge on Maradona for his controversial "Hand of God" goal against England back in the 1986 World Cup.
Wellworth, who resides in Middlesbrough, made a bet on the game, and had borrowed money, but lost everything because of the result, including his wife, who left him.
The amount of money in question was 600 euros, but if England had won the World Cup he would have earned five times the amount.
According to reports, the detained person is currently unemployed and suffers from psychiatric problems.
Apparently, the aggressor stated that he wanted to cut off Maradona's "little head and to make him pay". He also called the 48-year-old an "Argentine cheat."
Wellworth's detention was only made public almost one week after the incident took place. He faces up to five years in jail
It must be noted that there have been no reports on these events in the British press yet.


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fernando torres does not wear glasses

fernanda on cristiana:

"No-one can rival him," the Spaniard told France Football. "He is in a class of his own. I have never seen a comparable player.

"What he did last season is incredible. No-one won this year what he's won: UEFA Champions League, Premier League and Golden Boot.

"For me he is the best player in the world. A machine. Incomparable."


Real Madrid Lands Arshavin?

The Euro 2008 star remains keen to quit the Russian side and a New Year transfer looks inevitable, with reports suggest Real are closing on a £16million deal.

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poldi to bayern: tyvm, but bye~

Podolski tells Bayern Munich: "I want to leave"

Lukas Podolski could be heading to the Premier League in January after telling Bayern Munich he wants to leave the club when the transfer window opens.

The 23-year-old German international was one of the stars of Euro 2008 scoring three goals for Joachim Loew's side as they reached the final.

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...Former Arsenal captain William Gallas reveals what we already knew.

What kind of fappery is this?

$5 says it's a circle jerk in there.

He says some stars he has played with refuse to score with their sexy WAGs ahead of a crunch tie because “they won’t have the legs left” to win the game.

But after the match some end up taking matters into their own hands and have a private celebration in the showers to relieve their pent-up aggression.

In his new autobiography, he says: “We pass so little time with our wives.

“Twenty days is not always easy for hot-blooded young men.

“Certain players say it’s better not to make love the evening before a match as they will not have the legs or strength left to play.

“Others believe the opposite – they feel lighter. In a nutshell
[pun intended?], it depends on the person.

“When the desire is rising, it’s not easy.

“Deprived of your wife, you have two choices: either you calm your impulses under a cold shower or you give yourself pleasure on your own. Full stop.”

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for some unforseen reason, i am now quite obsessed with cristiano ronaldo.

my friend told me of some video of him on youtube singing along to some reggaeton song

the song is very cool but i dont know the name of it! anyone know???
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A smile on your mouth and your hand on your HUH

Fabregas - The captaincy is a great honour

Cesc Fabregas has described his elevation to the Arsenal captaincy as “a great honour”.

The Spaniard was handed the armband on Monday as a replacement for William Gallas.

At 21, Fabregas is one of the youngest captains in the Club’s long history and he admits it will be emotional experience to lead the side out for the first time against FC Dynamo Kyiv on Tuesday night.

"It is a great honour for me to captain one of the biggest clubs in the world,” said Fabregas. “It is a proud moment. I know it's a big responsibility but together with my team-mates, I know we have the spirit and commitment to get back to winning ways and fulfil our potential."

Wenger - Fabregas will be one of many leaders

Arsène Wenger insists that new captain Cesc Fabregas cannot lead the team alone.

Wenger has long championed the need for “shared leadership” on the pitch and the manager does not think that Fabregas’ appointment as skipper will change that.

At 21, the Spaniard is one of the younger players in the squad and, speaking at Monday's press conference, his manager was keen to highlight how important the rest of the team will be to the midfielder’s tenure with the armband.

“I believe that personally the captain is the voice of the club towards the outside,” said Wenger at Monday’s pre-match press conference. “Of course he is one of the leaders of the team but I have told you many times that I do not believe in one providential man in the dressing room that sorts out all the problems.

“A successful team has a shared leadership inside the dressing room and he will be one of the leaders but not the only one. It is very important that we share that leadership inside the dressing room.”


Clichy - Fabregas deserves his new role

Gael Clichy has backed Arsène Wenger’s decision to install Cesc Fabregas as Arsenal’s new captain.

The Spaniard was given the job on Monday as a replacement for William Gallas. Fabregas may only be 21 but Clichy, a ‘veteran’ himself at 23, believes he has the right mentality to excel in the role.

“It is a new start and I hope Cesc will do well,” said the left back. “I'm sure he will.

"When he started in the team everyone was saying he was too young to have so much responsibility but he has shown he can handle a team and put in good performances.

"I'm one of the older players now but, it's not only about age, it's more about togetherness. Of course I will do my best to help my team-mates and I'm sure all the players will give him all the support he needs to be one of the best.

"I'm not scared of saying that he is the key player in the squad so he deserves the respect of the boss.

"His performances over the last couple of years have been fantastic and so I feel it is a good choice.

"For example when we played this year against Sunderland, we were losing 1-0 but he scored the header and we drew the game. That shows the character of Cesc.

"And, last year against Milan he scored a goal that makes you feel this kind of player is really important in the team.

"The only thing Cesc has to do now is play his best football. I'm really happy for him and I'm sure he will do well."

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it's 2 late 2 apoglize ooooooo

fergie stood frank sinatra up.

Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson admits he has one regret during his time at Old Trafford - scrapping a dinner with Frank Sinatra after a defeat!

Ferguson was asked which piece of music summed up his 22 years as manager of the team and said: "Well, you can't beat Sinatra, can you? Ole' Blue Eyes.'

"I was actually supposed to have dinner one night with him and we lost to Charlton, and I cancelled him at home.
"I wasn't in the mood to meet anybody that night, so it was back in the bus."