November 20th, 2008


Lukas Podolski Transfer Rumor Redeux- Setting it all straight.

In the wake of travesty that was the England vs. Germany... I come bearing more German football news, involving one particular striker.

Here is story #1:

Poldi to Dortmund?

Poldi nach Dortmund?
The original (German text).

How reliable is this site/source? ... I donut know.


Story #2-The more important one.

Bayern rule out Podolski sale

Striker to stay with German champions

Bayern Munich have reiterated that Lukas Podolski will see out his contract with the club.

Podolski remains a key figure for Germany but has had limited opportunities to impress at club level with Jurgen Klinsmann preferring Luca Toni and Miroslav Klose up front.

The likes of Real Madrid, Tottenham and Manchester City have all been linked with Podolski, who has also been criticised by his own bosses at Bayern.

No offers

However, chief executive Karl-Heinz Rummenigge insists there have been no offers for the 23-year-old.

"We are not concerned with this topic," said Rummenigge.

"Lukas has a contract with us until 2010 and we will stick to that."

Podolski is likely to play some part in Wednesday night's UEFA Champions League game at Fiorentina with Toni suffering from a rib injury, and Rummenigge has told him to make the most of the opportunity.

He explained: "It is generally good for him to think over his future, but the player is also requested to think about his performances.

"My advice to him is: play well, score goals."

Klinsmann has used Podolski in every game so far this season, mostly from the substitutes' bench, and Rummenigge is at a loss to understand his unhappiness with the situation.

He said: "He is playing regularly, half a game is better than nothing."


I admit it, the whole post was just a ploy for me to share the above picture.
chris + dom

IDC if this happened a long time ago

But lately I've been feeling really nostalgic and sad about the nature of football and how players move on from their clubs and that sort of thing. It started with Luis Garcia in Anfield again. ]: It's just sad to see the 2005 team removing their red jerseys one by one (HUH HUH HUH)


Anyway so I was searching youtube and found this video and I think it's one of the best Istanbul highlight videos I've ever witnessed so I'm sharing it with you:


Ps: I'm going to do a "where are they now" picspam soon for those lads that have left but will never be forgotten

Drama at Le Arse


Gallas Rocks Arsenal With Row Revelations

Arsenal captain William Gallas has lifted the lid on a series of extraordinary rows at the Emirates that have threatened to undermine his position as club captain...

French international William Gallas has been on the end of some harsh criticism ever since Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger festooned his bicep with the captain's armband.

Some defensive lapses, a now infamous sulking performance against Birmingham City last season and a recent photograph of the 31-year-old with a cigarette pursed between his lips have all served to raise question marks about the former Marseille man's suitability as club captain.

However, his latest revelations expose a much broader scepticism of his leadership abilities as he discloses a lack of respect for his authority throughout the Arsenal ranks.

Gallas told the press he believes that he is shoudering the lion's share of the blame for Arsenal's inconsistencies, and revealed that the Gunners' on-field play has been blighted by infighting.

He told AP: "When, as captain, some players come up to you and talk to you about a player - complaining about him - and then during the match you speak to this player and the player in question insults us. There comes a time where we can no longer comprehend how this can happen.

"I am trying to defend myself a bit without giving names. Otherwise I'm taking it all (the blame). It's very frustrating. I'm 31, the player is six years younger than me."

Gallas also spoke of a dressing room confrontation during the recent 4-4 draw with Tottenham Hotspur at the Emirates, in which Arsenal threw away a 4-2 injury time lead.

He continued: "There was a problem at half time. The only thing that I could say at half time was 'Guys, we resolve these problems after the match, not at half-time.'"

Gallas rounded off the public criticism of his own troops by questioning the team's heart for battle. Already defeated four times this season, the former Chelsea man believes that the side needs to find the requisite courage to fight teams who no longer fear Arsenal.

He concluded: "We have to understand that, to be champions, you have to play big matches every weekend and fight. We are coming up against teams who are not scared to play football against us, who are not scared to take us on at our place, and this is becoming dangerous for Arsenal.

"We are not brave enough in battle. I think we need to be soldiers. We have to be warriors. There are teams who can do it well against us, and we have to be able to face up to these attacks."

He isn't naming names, just dropping a huge hint. RVP is 25 yes?

You probably saw this post coming...

Greetings, my fuzzy ducklings!
Get ready for Thursday Thighlights on


As everyone recovers from yesterday's (shock-filled!) international friendlies,
lettuce take a moment to admire and appreciate these trusty fine specimens of man-gam
which so swiftly and faithfully carry our fearless skipper to many a victory lap.

(I'll leave the thigh puns to our infinitely sharper mistress of mayhem, Madam IateyourhotKATE.)

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Tittytalk: Why I'd Love To Play Alongside Stevie

In an exclusive interview with to celebrate Steven Gerrard week, Thierry Henry reveals all about their close friendship and why his dream of playing alongside the Reds skipper Collapse )


- - - - -
Note: Please feel free to post your yummiest Stevie thigh (and other) photos in the comments! ::drool::
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Bayern takes Donovan on loan

MUNICH, GERMANY (TICKER) —Bayern Munich have taken Landon Donovan on loan from the Los Angeles Galaxy until the Major League Soccer season starts in mid-March.

The Bavarian club confirmed the deal Thursday as the United States international’s 10-day trial at the club came to an end.

Bayern coach Jurgen Klinsmann has also left the door open to the former Bayer Leverkusen player earning a longer stay in the Bundesliga.

“It is up to him,” he said. “He can recommend himself for a longer relationship.”

Donovan will be available to play in the Bundesliga from January, when the transfer window reopens. However, Klinsmann rejected suggestions that the arrival of another striker spelled the end of Lukas Podolski’s time in Munich.

“I want to start the second half of the season with four strikers to have more alternatives if one of them should pick up an injury,” Klinsmann said.

Xavi // baby!Xavi

Who wants to die of cuteness?

I managed to download the Xavi video that soarne posted yesterday (also here) and screencapped it. With some of those screencaps, I made some .gifs. =D

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They're a little small, but my computer can't handle big .gifs, and this way the quality's better. :)

Xavi's smile = the cure to an awful day.
real madrid

article from today's kicker magazine, translated by yours truly

Raúl Without Connection - Even Casillas Blunders
What's wrong at Real: Problems in all parts of the team

He is considered the epitome of reliability: Goalkeeper Iker Casillas. However, during the 0-1 loss in Valladolid recently, a shot of his hit Fabio Cannavaro and thus allowed the hosts a chance to score - not the only blunder of the European champion these past weeks. Even the dependable keeper has started to make baffling mistakes.

It almost symptomizes. Casillas is one of the two players who constitute the foundation for the league championships of 2007 and 2008. Ruud van Nistelrooy is the other. Minimal chances were enough for him to score goals. Now the striker is out of action for the rest of the season due to a knee operation. Whereas the absence of a player of this class might be a hard blow for other teams as well, it shows that the current squad is insufficiently and unbalancedly staffed.

This deficite starts at the sides of the defense: 33-year-old Míchel Salgado's time is up, but Miguel Torres and Marcelo are too inexperienced for a top team. The Brazilian especially demonstrates offensive potential as well as explicit problems with defending. Centreback Heinze lacks positional play. Additionally, the Argentine's technical deficits as well as boisterous drive with which he tries to compensate his slow acceleration, keep leading to free kicks or penalties - or sending offs as in Valladolid.

The same applies to defensive midfielder Diarra, centrebacks Cannavaro and Pepe, and rightback Sergio Ramos. The latter's runs on goal are spectacular but rarely effective. All in all, the defense lacks technique, speed and aerial power; see paragons Cannavaro or Metzelder. The consequence is flawed coordination. To conceal this, the defense is usually positioned far in the back, and since targeted build-ups are difficult for them, offensive action is usually initialised by long passes, resulting in a gaping void in the midfield.

Said midfield lacks a confident playmaker. Guti merely plays that role sporadically and less often than last season. Gago shines with solo runs and shots at best and is a far cry from the "new Redondo" that some people would like to see him as. Wesley Sneijder and the former Hamburg player Rafael van der Vaart mostly convince as half-strikers, capable of dangerous shots, but they're just as incapable of directing the game as the others and surprise too rarely.

Furthermore, the dynamics on the wings are lacking since Robinho's transfer to ManCity. Schuster only has one winger in the person of Robben, who in addition is often injured.

Still, van Nistelrooy managed shots on goal despite these dire circumstances. Raúl, however, lacks a connection; the captain has faded extremely this season and is a mere shadow of his former self at the moment. And Higuaín admittedly scored four times against Málaga but still counts as a Chancentod*.

* Chancentod (untranslateable): a player who fluffs almost every single chance to score.
sergio: king

Ronaldo Tried To Break My Leg - Silva

Brazil swept aside Portugal in their international fixture on Wednesday evening, but the South American samba stars have accused Cristiano Ronaldo of employing dirty tricks...

Brazil emerged triumphant over Portugal on Wednesday evening in a thrilling encounter that bore eight goals, but not one of them was scored by last season's 42-goal forward Cristiano Ronaldo.

Portugal were on the wrong end of an embarrassing 6-2 upset in what is arguably Dunga's finest game in charge of A Seleção.

Cristiano Ronaldo grew increasingly frustrated throughout the game that he has even been accused of trying to purposefully injure a fellow professional's leg, while sulking around the pitch as he was continuously outshone by Brazil's samba stars.

Ronaldo's Box Of (Dirty) Tricks

Ronaldo grabbed Marcelo round the neck, and Brazil defender Thiago Silva believes that Ronaldo tried to break his leg.

The 24-year old Fluminense centre back is quoted by the Daily Mail as saying: "He [Cristiano Ronaldo] has the cheek to say I jumped over his tackle. But if I did not jump he would have broken my leg.

"Being considered the best player in the world, he must have more respect. It is difficult to accept what he did. "

"He is a little [naughty], yes. But that is football. And we need to know to deal with it. He was nervous because he couldn't create anything," Silva concluded.

Disappearing Act

The Portuguese press have been critical of the anonymous Ronaldo, but national coach Carlos Queiroz has jumped to defend the Manchester United man.

"The formation is different and so are the players that work with him. We have to give him support and service so that Cristiano can show more of his football," he nodded.