November 18th, 2008


There's Only One Steven Gerrard

Helloooo, Lovely Ladies & Lads!
I hope all is well on this bright Timid Turtle Tuesday
as I (belatedly) bring about ontd_football's
very own celebration of


To make up for missing the Mourinho Monday kickoff (harrr)
to this fookin' hard Gerrard week of sexy Scouse excellence,
I bring you a double feature:

Parte Uno

Early Pictures

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Parte Dos: A Career In Numbers

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stevie g!
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Hahah I don't even know what to say

Italian soccer strategy gets a racy look

ROME (AP)—In the latest fashion statement out of Italy, soccer players are dropping their shorts to score goals.

Catania, a team in the country’s top division, unveiled the new look while taking a free kick. The players lined up in a wall and dropped their shorts in an effort to block the goalkeeper’s vision.

The Sicilian team carried out the maneuver to perfection Sunday. Three players dropped their shorts practically to their knees so Torino goalie Matteo Sereni couldn’t see the kick by Giuseppe Mascara, who scored during Catania’s 3-2 victory.

Catania is coached by Walter Zenga, a former goalkeper on Italy’s national team.

“This is a strategy that Zenga tries continually in training,” Pietro Lo Monaco, the club’s chief executive, told RAI state radio Monday.

Former referees coordinator Paolo Casarin called the move “unsportsmanlike and in bad taste.”

“It’s a trick that should not be tolerated anymore by the referees,” he said.

Lo Monaco replied: “A trick? I wouldn’t say so. It’s up to the referee to decide if it should be penalized, otherwise I don’t see where the problem is. … Good taste is relative.”

lol Yahoo source

I kind of want to see proof of this strategy in pictures and/or video.  You know, to study its effectiveness.

Also since it's Stevie G Week...
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Pretty in pink? (Now with photos added in comment section)

I'm sure many of you have read about the new nike mercurial boots which come in a fetching shade of Rosa (err pink).


I read with horror today at that one of the first stars to wear them would be Nicklas Bendtner (is the hair not bad enough?) and when searching for Danish NT training photos i came across visual evidence!
Hopefully someone else out there is much cleverer than me and can figure out how to post them but for now just check them out at that site by clicking on the link that looks like this
17.11A-LandsholdA Landsholdstræning i Helsingør (30 fotos)
There's some good ones of Bendtner and Agger laughing as he puts them on.
What do we think? Pretty in pink? I kinda want some..

P.S This is my first community post so i hope it's all ok..