November 16th, 2008

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Gerrard ruled out of England-Germany friendly

Steven Gerrard has been ruled out of England's friendly with Germany on Wednesday after tearing a leg muscle during their 2-0 win over Bolton.

The vice-captain has been ruled out for seven to 10 days so could return in time for Liverpool's next game - the meeting with Fulham next Saturday


Also missing the game: David Beckham, Rio Ferdinand and Wayne Rooney. Source: 1, 2

Casillas backing for Schuster

"The players are behind Schuster all the way," Casillas told the Madrid website. "The coach has given this team a different feel and the entire squad is with him from start to finish.

"If things don't go well that's when we'll assign the blame to the players, the coach, etc. But right now there's no place for that."


Ronaldo scores his 100th Manchester Goal +1

"It's a great achievement, it's great to score 101 goals for this club," Ronaldo said. "I feel very proud, very good, very happy.

Rooney is still one goal short of reaching his premier league 100.


Robinho reveals Real target

"I hope to make history at this club and become one of the great heroes at Manchester City. I'm in a very good phase and I hope this will continue.

"Can they be as big as Real Madrid? I hope so, yes."


Babel Unhappy On The Bench

"It's difficult. I do get frustrated. I can tell myself that I'm still only 21 and at the start of my career.

"I used to play as a striker in Holland. I grew up as a striker. That's the position I want to play," he said.




Robbie Keane has been ruled out of the Republic of Ireland's friendly with Poland with a shoulder injury.

Keane reported for training today ahead of the game at Croke Park on Wednesday but has now returned to Liverpool for treatment.

The striker started his club's Premier League game at Bolton on Saturday but missed a couple of great chances before being substituted early in the second half of the 2-0 win.


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Schuster insists Real Madrid not in crisis

Real Madrid are not in crisis, insists coach Bernd Schuster after defeat to Valladolid.

Despite their 1-0 reverse last night, Schuster hit back at claims that Real are in crisis.

"I'm not going to answer that," he rapped. "That question doesn't deserve a response."

"I can only say that we did not deserve to lose."

"I'm happy with my team. Yes, because the team has worked hard. We've made some changes because of the lack of players."

"I'm calm. We are working and looking for the best for the team. The result does not help us at all, but we have to continue."

Of his own future, Schuster added: "I'm not worried, I focus on my work. These are difficult times, like last year, and we saved ourselves. Why can't we do that again?"

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hola todos. i'm here today to present the boner d'jour to luis garcía. if you don't know him, he is currently a left winger at atletico madrid, but he has also played for other big clubs, such as: barcelona and liverpool

here's a breakdown of info:

  • he is 30 years old, born in CATALUÑA, españa
  • MARRIED, fuck
  • his favourite form of celebration is el suck de la thumb
  • ...which is dedicated to his son named Joel
  • he wore the number 10 shirt while playing at liverpool, which meant high expectations since it was previously worn by michael owen.
  • even though these were big shoes to fill, he quickly became a fan favourite!
  • he scored the only and winning goal against chelsea during the '05 champigñons league semi-finals
  • then liverpool went to play ac milan at instanbul..
  • and we all know what happened after that!! ;)
  • he's notorious for losing the ball at the most inconvenient times
  • but better known for his strong left foot and his ability to head the ball
  • in aug 2007, he went back to atletico madrid
  • this was the same time fernanda transferred to liverpool
  • kewl fact: luis currently wears the #9 shirt for atletico
  • he played on the spain nt for a year but got cliffed

so here's the picspam. it's really small, and there are only about 4 pics
dont worry, it wont crash your pc or anything

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Excerpt from Fernanda´s autobiography

"Flying into Manchester airport for the signing was one of the most exciting days of my career. The limo transferring me took a while longer to reach the ground than I expected but once there I was greeted by a sea of red. The chanting and atmosphere were brilliant and it all passed by in a blur.

Once inside the ground I was greeted by the manager, the first time we had met face to face. He was a lot heavier than I expected but spoke to me in good Spanish which made me feel most welcome. We went straight into a conference room for the official signing.

After I had put pen to paper the manager turned to me and said "Welcome to the biggest club in the World".

I said thank you and asked "When will I meet Wayne and Cristiano"?

There followed about ten minutes of confusion from which it transpired that there are two clubs in the North West of England known as the "Reds" and my idiot agent had got them mixed up.

However I had signed so had to get on with it. Benitez was known as the "Gaffer". I asked Stevie G (the only other player at the club who could control the ball) why this was.

He explained that in English "gaffe" is an embarassing mistake. Apparently even the owners called Rafa "gaffer".

All I can do now is play really well and hope that Real, Barca or possibly Barnsley come and save me from my nightmare.

Some days after training I drive from Liverpool to Manchester and sit outside Old Trafford and dream of what might have been. I can sit there for hours.

Then Stevie will nudge me and say "Come on Nando, we have to go back".

We drive silently back to the gaffer.

Taken from the BBC message boards

Source Source
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Step 1: You get Messi to lurk behind the wall and pretend he's not really going to do anything.
Step 2: Pretend to send the free kick over the wall.
Step 3: Pass the ball to Messi - who sneaks out from behind the wall (This is the tough bit)
Step 4: Messi scores goal
Step 5: Appropriate celebrations as Recreativo Huelva go one goal down.

i didn't write that, they did.