November 15th, 2008


Marie Claire Nov 08 Scans - Iker Casillas

This is my first time posting, please don't kill me :) I haven't seen this posted yet, so I went ahead and scanned it... I went to buy spanish magazines to practice my spanish and got really lucky without even trying.

please let me know if the article doesn't work properly, i'm not too sure what i did with it when i scanned. (hahaha)

also while I understand spanish its not spectacular so its probably best if someone else does the translating :) thanks!
awooo waka waka espagna
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pomp my ride

and the award for the worst trainer at portsmouth goes to...


congrats, u win a brand new automobile courtesy of your fellow mates at portsmouth

The Portsmouth goalkeeper was forced to drive a Reliant Robin, just like Del Boy in Only Fools and Horses, after being voted the club's worst trainer.

The Pompey stars who chipped in to buy the car even attached a loud speaker that plays animal noises once the engine is started up.

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awooo waka waka espagna
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dr. wang pooney

wayne rooney would to be a doctor

Manchester United soccer ace Wayne Rooney has stunned his team mates by saying he would love to have been a doctor. The Manchester United striker revealed his dream job during the filming of the teams new DVD, reports The Sun.

While Rooney, 23, said that he would swap soccer for surgery, Rio Ferdinand said he wanted to be a Hollywood actor.

Goalie Ed Van der Sar fancied being a fireman while Michael Carrick said his dream was to be a racing driver.

A vain Cristiano Ronaldo said he wanted to be Superman.




Inter Milan coach Jose Mourinho has got all nostalgic about the “fantastic” English press who, he says, didn’t ask him awkward questions!

Mourinho spent just over three successful years in England as Chelsea manager and developed a rapport with the media, who seemed to lap up the Special One's often idiosyncratic and invariably entertaining press conferences.

It is a different story in Italy's Serie A, and he has already flounced out of two post-match interviews after being needled by comparisons with his predecessor at the San Siro, Roberto Mancini - who brought three successive Scudetti to the club but was still acrimoniously dismissed.

Mourinho is quoted on Channel 4's Football Italia as saying - ironically at a press conference - “It is impossible to compare the Italian press to the English. If you want to compare the Italian to the Spanish or the Portuguese, then you can, but in England it is a whole different approach.

“For example, Portugal is a country with 10 million inhabitants and, like Italy, it has three daily newspapers dedicated solely to sport.

“In England there are no sports papers, just two pages in each newspaper every day and on Monday a supplement of six or seven pages.

“There is Sky Sports who talk about football a bit every day, but nothing more than that. After matches there is a flash interview lasting one minute and then a press conference for five minutes. You cannot compare the experiences - it is impossible. The English press is fantastic.”

I Am What I Am

Mourinho is also having a tough time winning over the Inter fans, many of whom were voicing their dissent before Julio Cruz scored a last-ditch winner against Udinese.

The goal prompted a relieved Mourinho to turn to the crowd behind him and put his finger to his lips, suggesting that they keep their criticisms to themselves.

On the general attitude of the fans and the media,, he opined: "I am Portuguese, not English. I lived and worked in England for three years and, fortunately, when I was at Porto we went for two whole seasons without a single home defeat. If you draw a game that you should win 3-0 or win it at the last minute, you will get criticised.

“I think that when one arrives in England it’s easy to fall in love with the situation because it is a different culture. But we are what we are and they are what they are.”

Am I a Horrible Person Because I Find this Funny?


From Eurosports match report:

"Five minutes after coming on he found himself one-on-one with Reina. The Jamaican took the ball around the Spanish keeper but his left-footed shot struck his standing leg and went out for a goal kick. Running back to guard the empty net, defender Daniel Agger slid into the post and kneed himself in the face, knocking out one of his own teeth in the process."

I can't stop laughing about this, but I feel bad for him. He and Fernando should start a fake teeth club.

ETA: Around 6:20 and its not so funny anymore since you can hear him hit the post. Now I just feel sorry for him.

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