October 28th, 2008

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Arsenal man love

Did anyone watch Arsenal v "that team thats playing Man U next week" (how would I know the name, I am only here for the hotties)? If you missed it, cause those yellow kits are too much for your eyes, than you may have missed the Cesc/Adebayor.  Adebayor came on as a sub in the 2ndhalf and saved the day with 2 goals (1st was WestHam OG) . Cesc rewarded him by jumping into his arms.

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awooo waka waka espagna
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Becks To Live In Red Light District

England and Los Angeles Galaxy midfielder David Beckham has rented a luxury apartment close to Milan's red light district, according to The Sun.

The England ace — expected to join AC Milan on loan in January — has rented the loft flat in Via Amedeo d’Aosta.

He chose the multi-million pound apartment after getting advice from AC Milan captain Paulo Maldini who lives nearby.

But it is a five-minute walk from the city’s notorious Viale Abruzzi.

The area is famous for transvestite prostitutes, pimps and drug dealers. It is known as one of the most dangerous areas in Milan.

Becks, 33, had been expected to take a luxury pad in Via Spiga, famous for its shopping, to satisfy wife Victoria, 34.

But the couple have agreed that Becks will live in Milan alone during his four-month break from LA Galaxy — so he went for a more modest and grittier option.

Ex-pat Michael Day, 39, who lives in Milan, said: “Beckham’s choice is bizarre. His new place is a stone’s throw from where hordes of transvestites gather at night.

“There is also a major problem with drugs in the area and it is the constant cause of complaints from locals who want it cleaned up.

“It would take Beckham five minutes to be in the heart of the seediest red light district in Milan.”

Becks wants to return to LA Galaxy but needs to keep training at a top flight club to maintain his position with the England team.


what happens when the children go out to play?
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chicos traviesos

Gilardino banned for two games for handball

ha ha ha, watching fox soccer report
basically, Alberto Gilardino of Fiorentina scored a handball goal against Palmero Sunday
the officials didn't notice it during the game
but after reviewing tapes, it was clear that he purposely used his hand
and now he's being banned for 2 games, and usually it's rare to ban a player for a handball after replays

game is called football not volleyball ok

in other news.....

Rooney in the clear over badge-kissing antics

rooney received yellow card during the everton game on saturday.
he was with everton for 8 years before his transfer to manchester.
during the booking he made a controversial gesture to his formal club by...
KISSING HIS BADGE, and was subbed off shortly after
but the FA have decided not to investigate further and he will be punished

Spain // Casa Batlló

Proof that football should bring people together.

So the whole fiasco yesterday made me sad. _almagitana's post made everyone feel better, I think, and I'm here to perpetuate the feeling of togetherness and awesomeness that is this community.

I bring you pictures of football love crossing team boundaries in the shape of Iker Casillas and Xavi Hernández. SO MUCH LOVE I CANNA HANDLE IT.

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