October 27th, 2008

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Freddie Ljungberg is set to play ... soccer

Former Sweden captain Fredrik Ljungberg is reportedly set to sign for the Seattle Sounders in Major League Soccer.

Citing unnamed sources, Swedish television channel TV4 said Ljungberg was traveling to the United States on Sunday and will be presented by the team at a news conference Tuesday.

The 31-year-old Ljungberg, who quit the Swedish national team in June, was released by West Ham in August after the first year of a four-year contract. He had won the Premier League title with Arsenal in 2002 and 2004.

Ljungberg played in the last five major football tournaments for Sweden. They were the European Championship in 2000, 2004 and 2008, and the World Cup in 2002 and 2006.


I'm conflicted about this. Part of me is squealing that he'll be in the US and the other part is crying for his career.

any excuse for a Freddie picspam
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ray hudson & phil schoen

i know you all had a good dose of ray & phil yesterday for the real madrid match (booo, i had to leave at the half), i thought it was about time for another RAY & PHIL APPRECATION POST.

by leaps and bounds my FAVOURITE football commentators (if you didn't know, they commentate on la liga and bundesliga matches and the occasional international match), i will miss them like i will miss mountain dew while i am away from goltv for a month.

ray has a massive crush on riquelme:

ray goes crazy for real madrid, parts 1, 2 and 3 (includes the infamous TOM CRUISE freakout... "if he smelt a soccer jockstrap, he'd faint DEAD AWAY!):

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hahaha, someone actually came up with a ray hudson la liga drinking game. (does not include phil, though, and should probably be updated)

so, now, comment with your favorite ray hudson quotes, you know you've got some

City To Bid 50m Euros for Villa


The supposed 'Richest Club In the World' have made the Valencia hitman their number one target when the transfer window re-opens in January.

They shocked the football world by pinching Robinho from under Chelsea's noses on transfer deadline day in August, and now Manchester City are planning an audacious bid to team up the brilliant Brazilian with the dynamic Spaniard.

Reports from magazine 'The People' suggest that manager Mark Hughes has earmarked Villa, who finished top scorer at Euro 2008 and currently leads the race for the Pichichi in La Liga, as the man to score the goals to take City to the next level as serious challengers to the top four.

Former Barcelona player Hughes has issued a glowing report to the clubs owners in order for them to launch an enquiry regarding the players availability.

The report also suggests that a bid of 50m Euros is to be tabled to test Valencia's resilience, but the question remains whether Villa will want to move away from the Mestalla, having apparently rejected the advances of Real Madrid over the summer. However, every player has a price and it appears that the Manchester club certainly has the funds to meet whatever asking price that Los Che demand for the player.

I'm not a Valencia fan or really a Villa fan, but the thought of this made me throw up in my mouth a little. Villa seems unamused as well.

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"a couple seasons back, i was watching liverpool warm up before a game.... and they were playing keep-ups, and the person who dropped the ball had his ear flicked by all the others...

they were picking on Xabi, making it so he'd lose the ball by kicking it at him hard and shit."


ay dios mío

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Spain // Casa Batlló

Sharing the Xavi & Iniesta love.

I need to share these videos. I just remembered they existed like...a few hours ago and found them again in the annals of YouTube and HAD to share.

So. Who wants to learn how to play football like Xavi and Iniesta?

Part 1:

Part 2:

I'd translate them, but it's like half an hour in total and just...that's a LOT of work. Still, I think the videos themselves are really interesting. My only complaint is the Spanish voiceover, because I wanna hear Xavi speaking Catalan. Boo. Oh well. xD