October 23rd, 2008

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Juventus fans killed in coach crash

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Two Juventus fans are reported dead and up to 30 more injured following an incident involving a coach on its way to tonight's Champions League game with Real Madrid.

The crash reportedly happened 16 kilometres from Aosta, a town in the Italian Alps near the Mont Blanc tunnel.

A club statement read: "Juventus have learnt about the grave incident which happened to a coach carrying Juventus fans coming from Switzerland and going direct to Turin's Stadio Olimpico for tonight's game against Real Madrid.

"The club and the team express their personal grief and personal closeness to the family of the victims and the injured fans."

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basking in the glow

TODAY! on the critically-acclaimed daytime drama Die Mannschaft

Previously, on Die Mannschaft: Important questions were raised. Will Ballack lose his band? Will Jens find a new way of sucking blood out of people without looking weird? Will Miro find out about the secret rendez-vous of Poldi & Schweini? And what will his reaction be if he does? (or doesn't) Will 'mad' Jens find a way of seeking eternal life so he can always protect the goal of balls? Will Kuranyi come back after his lover Löw tried to kick him out of the team? Will Gomez organise a Spanish treat-night for his wobble Philipp? Stay tuned...

i am posting photos of happier times to try to counteract the tantrums.

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if you don't want the updates, let me know and i'll quit posting them.

also dkcx3cesc gets credit for the "questions raised" bit. hahaa!

also: is it really pathetic of me to get excited about kickette linking back to my original post about micha speaking out against jogi? me = lame.

oh, our poor little lahm, send well wishes his way

Lahm facing up to injury lay-off

lahm is very compact, he fits into most adaptable spaces

Bayern defender Philipp Lahm will be out of action for an as yet unspecified spell after injuring his right ankle in Tuesday’s 3-0 Champions League victory over Fiorentina, FCB medical chief Dr Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt announced after examining the player on Wednesday morning.

“We hope it’s not too drawn-out, but we’re counting on being without him for the next two or three matches,” reported coach Jürgen Klinsmann. “I’m assuming I’ll be playing again before the winter break, although we haven’t had the final diagnosis yet,” Lahm himself explained.

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Fun - Kitty Claudia
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A lookalike Cristiano Ronaldo is luring girls into his bed.

A lookalike Cristiano Ronaldo is luring girls into his bed. The next morning he'll tell his victims they slept with a 'nobody'.

Jaime Wright, the Man U player doppelgangers name talks to "The People" about his romantic adventures.
'I was in a club in Manchester and three girls started talking to me;"Hey, you're Ronaldo!" I didn't confirm or deny this. We went to a hotel and had an amazing night. I told them in Portuguese how beautiful they were.'

Wright rarely gets caught. 'The girls always test me with easy questions. When I came to Manchester or if I've ever played with David Beckham or something. The next morning I reveal my true identity. So far they could laugh about it.'

Picture of the two

football // pk tongue action

European finals to expand to 24 countries

BORDEAUX, France (AP) -- UEFA has agreed to expand the European Championship finals to 24 teams starting in 2016, Franz Beckenbauer said on Thursday.
FIFA representative Beckenbauer confirmed the 24-team expansion decision.

Beckenbauer, a FIFA executive member who sits in on UEFA's executive committee meetings as a nonvoting observer, said the decision will be officially ratified and announced on Friday.

The European Championship currently has 16 teams.

Beckenbauer said organizing the tournament would prove more difficult because fewer countries would have the means to accommodate 24 teams.

"Quality-wise there is no difference, the question is organizing it," Beckenbauer said. "A lot more games. That is another point. But quality-wise it is OK."

The 16-team format for the Euro finals has been in place since 1996.

The plan for a 24-team expansion was floated by presidents of the 53 federations that make up UEFA in a meeting with the organization's president Michel Platini on the eve of the Euro 2008 final in Vienna in June.

Depending on the format adopted, it could mean an increase to 51 matches from 31 over four weeks instead of three.

UEFA on Friday will also discuss the state of preparations for the 2012 tournament in Poland and Ukraine.


Hale fucking yes. Now, back to our shitty week.

never-before-seen material!

GUYS! I have something ontd_football hasn't seen before! Something entirely new and very unusual! It doesn't even have anything to do with the Spanish NT! O______O (XD)

(You better hold on to something, it's that unusual. Sitting comfortably? Okay.)

What I have is a picspam of an awesome Argentinean goalkeeper who isn't in the national team (!) and playing for a Swiss club (!!). (I swear I'm not making this up.)

This is him:

Hola, guapo!

( Who the heck is that supposed to be? )