October 22nd, 2008

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Dear Real, I'm Getting Sick of This Crap.

Messi Should Be Playing For Madrid - Villalonga
Juan Villalonga believes that the best players in the world should be playing for Real Madrid and plans to reintroduce the Galácticos scheme if he wins the club presidency next year.

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...money can't by me class.

yeah, micha, you've really done it now

Ballack's position as Germany captain under threat

i hope you've enjoyed that armband micha...

BERLIN, Oct 22 (Reuters) - Germany coach Joachim Loew summoned Michael Ballack to a meeting on Wednesday and hinted strongly that his future as captain was under threat after the midfielder criticised him in a newspaper interview.

Loew said in a strongly worded statement that he would wait to speak to Ballack in person before taking any action, after the Chelsea player made what Loew called "unacceptable" comments calling for senior players to be shown more respect.

"I will tell Michael that I'm extremely disappointed about the route he has chosen to take, and that his comments are unacceptable," Loew said in a statement released by the German Football Association on Wednesday.

"I will insist on the meeting ... My decision on everything else will depend on how that conversation goes."


Xabi |Eso es una barba|

LOL Atlético

Despedido el fisio que pidió la camiseta a Casillas

Tal y como ha podido saber este periódico, el empleado del Atlético de Madrid que solicitó la camiseta a Iker Casillas al término del derbi -el fisioterapeuta Sebastián Truyols- ha sido despedido fulminantemente por parte del club rojiblanco. Cabe recordar que Truyols le pidió al meta madridista la casaca y por ello tuvo que aguantar los reproches de un utillero que insultó de gravedad a un atónito Casillas.



Apparently, we owe Iker showing his underarmour -and therefore his manly chest- after the derby to an Atlético de Madrid employee. One of Atlético's physiotherapists asked Iker for his jersey and he has now been dutifully fired by the club because of this unforgivable sin. His name is Sebastián Truyols and after receiving the shirt he was subjected to abuse by...the ball kid, who according to this newspaper had severely insulted Iker (guess that explains why he was so pissed off).

Anyway, I just thought it was lulzy. Although, poor guy losing is job in middle of the crisis :P