October 21st, 2008

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Sorry to bring y'all down from your Eva high...

But this was too funny.

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Article Highlights:
*The Spanish tramp told that she had sex with Cristiano Ronaldo the first night they met, on January 12, 2008, but she thinks she's not "a woman who offers herself", because "there was a strong empathy".

*Dolores accused Doña Nereida to call photographers to publicize the relationship

*Plus-size Nereida says she's doesn't give interviews to the press for revenge versus Ronaldo, but she's angry because of his cowardice: "I'm angry because he has denied he dumped me by text message. It's cowardice"

*"He should ask for forgiveness. When he dumped me I was sad and I cried a lot. But so is life. If he would come back to me he should apologize a thousand times"

*"I don't know when I'll remove the tattoo. Maybe when I'll keep him (Cristiano Ronaldo) out of my head.

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awooo waka waka espagna
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y'all are a bunch of divers

England Are A Bunch Of


Inter coach Jose Mourinho has launched a sensational attack on English football and he has accused the Premier League of being dominated with diving players and hypocrite coaches

The 'Special One' has beenmaking huge strides with the Nerazzurri in Serie A but he has turned his attention back to the Premier League where he spent three years at Chelsea.

Mourinho believes there are more divers in England than there are in Italy and he has revealed the best of those who like hitting the ground as he blasts the Premier League and shares his belief of a cheating attitude in blighty.

"I am no longer the Chelsea coach but there is a diving culture in England,"Mourinho told Feelfootball.com

"I think I am right if I say that [Didier] Drogba, [Cristiano] Ronaldo, [Fernando] Torres and [Robin] Van Persie are all divers.

"These are strikers who have won plenty of penalties over the years.

"English football criticises divers but it's the coaches' who teach the players to play this way.

"Where as in Spain, Italy and Portugal, players are taught to win in the right ways by playing proper football.

"Therefore when a player moves to the Premier League, he has to adapt and learn how to dive.

"Drogba is a better player now than what he was, as is Torres and Ronaldo."

The coach also gave his own opinion on diving and he admits he doesn't like it and that players should only go down if they are hacked badly.

"I don't like players diving but I will not be happy if one of mine stays on his feet if he gets fouled badly," added the 'Special One'

"It's rare for referees to give free kicks if a player stays on his feet, even if the challenge is a bad one.

"I tell my players to be firm and not naive."

Mourinho's latest attack is likely to cause a massive reaction from England as the coach continues to pick a fight with everyone involved in the game.

It's not the first time the coach has caused controversy with his lyrical vibes.


lol im gonna miss my bus, bye
Xabi |Eso es una barba|

Casillas will not win the Ballon D'Or

''Casillas no ganará el Balón de Oro''

Iker Casillas ha sido descartado para ganar el Balón de Oro. Pese a figurar en la lista de los 30 aspirantes al galardón, el director de la revista France Football, Denis Chaumier, ha reconocido públicamente en el programa de la televisión francesa Télefoot que Casillas no lo ganará.

Chaumier declaró que ''Casillas no podrá ganar el Balón de Oro''. El director de la revista tiene prohibido hablar de los candidatos hasta la entrega del premio, pero en esta ocasión se ha saltado el protocolo, según adelanta el diario Marca.

Ronaldo, virtual ganador

Sus palabras pueden influir en el voto de los miembros del jurado. Los méritos de Casillas durante la temporada, al haber ganado la Eurocopa, la Liga y el Trofeo Zamora, le colocaban entre la nómina de favoritos junto a Messi, Fernando Torres y Cristiano Ronaldo.

El voto mayoritario del jurado, según las mismas fuentes, apunta a éste último, Ronaldo, como virtual ganador del trofeo. Su figura, más mediática que la del resto de los aspirantes puede dar un tirón económico y aumentar la venta de la revista en mayor proporción. Iker era un importante rival para Ronaldo, pero las palabras de Chaumier puede condicionar el resultado.


So basically, the director of France Football said in an interview to TF1 that Iker Casillas will never be able to win the Ballon D'Or. At least this means that the matter will be put to rest in the places I usually post and read. I was honestly very tired of this. Besides, I'm sure that this will affect the more than 25.000 people who signed the online petition rather than Iker himself.

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idk what this post is about

omg 2day:
iker v buffon
cannavaro v juventus

edit: wait wait wait, buffon is out for 3 months?
where have i been.

cesc v guiza
Fenerbahce striker Dani Guiza has a point to prove to Cesc Fabregas

los jugadores del real madrid arriving at turin, italy
aka: airport
aka: luggage
aka: pornography

and 1 thing,
no game spoilers unless they're in a cut please :( i'm away all day because of dumb school and the world revolves around me