October 12th, 2008


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Kuranyi's Out!

Germany coach Joachim Löw said on Sunday he would no longer select striker Kevin Kuranyi after he went absent without leave, disappearing from the stadium following Saturday's 2-1 win over Russia in a World Cup qualifier.

The Schalke 04 forward, who had not been selected for the 18-man match squad in the Group Four qualifier, watched from the grandstand as Lukas Podolski and Michael Ballack hit first-half goals to seal the win on Saturday.

Afterwards, the 26-year-old did not show up for the team bus on their journey from the stadium to their base in Düsseldorf and up until Sunday morning had no contact with the team.

Löw and team manager Oliver Bierhoff made several attempts in vain to reach the striker on his mobile phone.

Löw immediately reacted by discarding him. "I cannot accept a reaction such as that shown by Kevin, and therefore I will no longer select him in future for the national side," Löw said.



ETA: Related article, poorly translated by Babel Fish. Thanks piratelove!

All I can say is... you can't answer your phone, bb? :(

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10 Things you need to know about Manchester City target Lukas Podolski
(this article is from september, but i still like the 10 things, so i'm posting it!)

Mega rich Manchester City have been linked with a January move for Germany striker Lukas Podolski.
There are going to be plenty of big names on the Eastlands radar, so what makes Podolski stand out? Here is your Mirror.co.uk guide to the man who inspired Der Lu Lu Lukas Song.

1) Born on 4 June 1985 in Gliwice, Poland, Podolski has great sporting pedigree as his dad Waldemar was a professional footballer and mum Krystyna was part of the Polish handball team.

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haha i'm so glad they translated the lu lu lukas song. now if i could find someone to translate "schwarz und weiss" i'd be happy!
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i just love this beautiful, inspirational woman


Just like I thought Plus-Size Nereida had been fucked by the entire male population of Spain.

According to Spanish newspaper El Semanal Digital, before she was dating Cristiano Ronaldo, the cow had a short affair with Iván Madrazo,contestant on the Spanish reality show Gran Hermano 10 (Big Brother).

The relationship did not survive for very long. They met on internet and Plus-Size Nereida went for a weekend to Santander to know him. They spent an intensive weekend together and then... goodbye.

Know Him Better

From: Zaragoza

Age: 35 years old

Job: Entrepreneur (distributor of Household Electric Appliances),model

Height: 188 cm.

Eye: Light Brown

Hair: Brown

Taken from
plussizewag.blogspot.com/ (which happens to be my homepage~)

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awooo waka waka espagna
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i have 2 midterms and an assignment due at 6pm today but i'd rather do this

your sunday afternoon

Variety Post

Steven Gerrard is so keen to be clean he rates a barefoot beach stroll 'too dirty'

Soccer ace Steve Gerrard is so obsessed with cleanliness he won't even walk barefoot on a beach, claims wife Alex Curran.

Recalling their first wedding anniversary getaway to Miami in June, Alex, 25, said: "We didn't leave the pool on holiday because Steven doesn't like to get his feet dirty in the sand. The pool is cleaner.

"And if he reads a newspaper, he has to wash his hands straight away."


When Peter Crouch was asked what he would be if he wasn't a footballer he replied:

“A virgin.”


Alex Curran's best beauty buys...
Model and fashionista Alex Curran, 26, shares her WAG beauty must-haves.
"If I need a bit of colour on my skin, I love Fake Bake Self Tan, £26.95. It's really easy to use, as well as not smelling bad in comparison to many other fake tans."

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Real Madrid still wants Ronaldo.

Real Madrid are still hoping to pry away Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United by next summer, according to an interview published Sunday with coach Bernd Schuster.

"I think this year it will be a little complicated for his club to hang on to him," Schuster told Marca sports daily. "We must do everything possible as it would be worth it to have this player," said Schuster, adding Real would pay a "very high price" for his services. "There is no other solution as they'll not let him go on the cheap, I think."

But he held out the possibility that the price might be less than the mooted €90 million that was in the public domain all summer after Ronaldo insisted Real were his dream club. "Next year the price could be a little lower," Schuster said.

United manager Alex Ferguson refused to allow his top star to leave but recently commented he expected Real to resume the chase early next year, even if "the result will be the same." The Portuguese starlet is under contract until 2012.


[Boondock Saints] Connor & Murphy

Congrats to Riera on the birth of his son

I have been really busy lately so I haven't posted or commented much on here but to make up for that I have come baring some gifts because I can't seem to focus my alcohol filled brain on school work at the moment. All of them are in Spanish but basically to sum it up. One is an article about the Spanish National Teams workout this morning and how Riera left early this morning to assist in the birth of his son and that he will be returning back to the team tomorrow. It also talks about some of the player's aches and pains like Sergio's, Andres', Santi's, and Puyol's but that they are all given the okay to play Wednesday. It also talks about how Nando was badly treated in yesterday's game and he has a few aches but that he is set to play Wednesday as well.

The others are a comical version of Wikipedia in which the poke fun about some of the players and the sport. They talk about how Sergio's second career is in porn. It also talks about Iker's canonization has a saint. Instead of giving you the link to the individual ones that I read I'll just give you a
link to the list of players so you can click on which ever you like but again it's in Spanish so I apologize for those that don't understand it.

P.S. I love the new layout!


A new interview with David Silva

A new interview with David Silva:

[From this angle, his scruff looks definitely hot. That sweater... not so much, although the touch of gold on the sleeves is nice.]

David Silva is satisified with the process of his recuperation, after undergoing surgery last September 16 on his left ankle and he is working hard from Monday to Saturday to fully recuperate from his injury. He has declared, via the official website that he feels "in good spirits, I am getting better and besides the team is up and playing well. Now, the physios are rehabilitating my ankle and it is them and the medical staff whom I spend my days with; they will be the ones to tell me when I can go back to the camp."

Patience in his stay outside the field:

"Yes, this is one of the worst that has happened to me, on top of all that having to go to the operating room, but one must have patience and let the ankle get well. In football, these things can happen and the most important thing is that I recuperate."

How do you see your team mates performance from the stands:

"Very well, they are doing it well winning the games and most importantly we are at the top. The least is that we are the leaders and now what is is of interest is to keep winning games so that we will stay where we are."

Valencia as the favourites of La Liga and the teams aiming for the title:

"Now is not the time to think of that although we must do things well. It's clear that there are teams much stronger but the championship is just beggining and the season is very long, many things can happen, that others are on top, apart from those who are usually there... it is too early to know what could happen."

His inclusion in the XI once he finishes this period of inactivity:

"It is always difficult to enter [the Starting XI]. Right now, I'm not thinking about that, instead I think of recuperating well. All the players of Valencia have a high level [of playing] and I hope we continue doing it this way all through the season."

The victory of Spain:

"It was complicated. They entered very well from the back and it cost them the first goal, as well as the strategy. Afterwards, from the goal of Villa, Spain took control of the game and clearly won yet again."

The game gainst Numancia:

"They have had some good games, most of especially at home, but we will be playing at home and we must play to win in order to continue at the top."

On being awarded with the medal of merit in sports by the Government of Valencia:

"For me, I was very proud to receive that prize. Also, I would have wanted to have been with the Spanish national team because I wanted to play, but to be recognized in this form is something very nice."

*I wouldn't call this a translation... but I do think I got the gist of it... Oh well... I'll work harder on my translating skills, bbs.</tr>