October 11th, 2008

Xabi |Eso es una barba|

Attention whores

I come here for assistance. The cumwhore reporter from this video actually harasses Iker and other footballers and receives a kiss from our deity on the lips. Watch it if you have the will power not to destroy your computer in rage after you witness the event. We must find this individual and deprive her of her life.

No but actually, the video is pretty interesting. Iker gets questioned by an Argentine reporter on how he feels about being a gay icon, exfoliation, waxing, his ways with the putas chicas and some other stuff. He is on from 1:20 to 2:00

Then David Villa. The reporter asks if he shaves his body and he answers "of course", they talk about fashion and Barbara Streisand. She then asks him to show his chest but he refuses :( He is on from 2:35 to 2:55. He is back on at the end of the video saying hi to the Argentine gay community (4:08). He is rather smiley when he does it.

Then Guiza...You will lol at how much he is terrified of the camera. More or less the same questions. When he is asked if he waxes, his response is: "some things"...go figure.

Michel is then confronted with his homosexual past :P

Esperanza Aguirre, President of the Community of Madrid is also featured.

Video is in Spanish.

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Few more minutes

... before the match between Estonia and Spain starts!! It`s been raining all day and it probably won`t stop. Unfortunately, I`m sitting home due to my illness and waiting for the game to start... Anyway, you are all familiar with the Spanish NT, but what about the Estonian NT? Of course, they are no match to hot Spaniards, but don`t judge:)
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