October 9th, 2008


WC 2010 Qualifiers for Oct11/15

Oct-11 Argentina Argentina vs Uruguay Uruguay
Oct-11 Belgium Belgium vs Armenia Armenia
Oct-11 Bolivia Bolivia vs Peru Peru
Oct-11 Botswana Botswana vs Mozambique Mozambique
Oct-11 Bulgaria Bulgaria v Italy Italy
Oct-11 Cameroon Cameroon vs Mauritius Mauritius
Oct-11 Colombia Colombia v Paraguay Paraguay
Oct-11 Denmark Denmark vs Malta Malta
Oct-11 England England vs Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
Oct-11 Equatorial Guinea Equatorial Guinea vs S. Africa South Africa
Oct-11 Estonia Estonia vs Spain Spain
Oct-11 Faroe Islands Faroe Islands vs Austria Austria
Oct-11 Finland Finland vs Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
Oct-11 Gabon Gabon vs Libya Libya
Oct-11 Georgia Georgia vs Cyprus Cyprus
Oct-11 Germany Germany vs Russia Russia
Oct-11 Ghana Ghana vs Lesotho Lesotho
Oct-11 Greece Greece vs Moldova Moldova
Oct-11 Haiti Haiti vs El Salvador El Salvador
Oct-11 Romania Romania vs France France
Oct-11 San Marino San Marino vs Slovakia Slovakia
Oct-11 Scotland Scotland vs Norway Norway
Oct-11 Senegal Senegal vs Gambia Gambia
Oct-11 Serbia Serbia vs Lithuania Lithuania
Oct-11 Slovenia Slovenia v Northern Ireland Northern Ireland
Oct-11 Hungary Hungary vs Albania Albania
Oct-11 Ivory Coast Ivory Coast vs Madagascar Madagascar
Oct-11 Jamaica Jamaica v Mexico Mexico
Oct-11 Liberia Liberia vs Algeria Algeria
Oct-11 Luxembourg Luxembourg vs Israel Israel
Oct-11 Malawi Malawi vs Congo Congo
Oct-11 Mali Mali vs Chad Chad
Oct-11 Morocco Morocco vs Mauritania Mauritania
Oct-11 Namibia Namibia vs Zimbabwe Zimbabwe
Oct-11 Netherlands Netherlands vs Iceland Iceland
Oct-11 Nigeria Nigeria vs Sierra Leone Sierra Leone
Oct-11 Poland Poland vs Czech Republic Czech Republic
Oct-11 Sudan Sudan vs Congo Congo
Oct-11 Suriname Suriname vs Costa Rica Costa Rica
Oct-11 Sweden Sweden vs Portugal Portugal
Oct-11 Switzerland Switzerland vs Latvia Latvia
Oct-11 Tanzania Tanzania vs Cape Verde Cape Verde
Oct-11 Togo Togo vs Swaziland Swaziland
Oct-11 Tunisia Tunisia vs Seychelles Seychelles
Oct-11 Uganda Uganda vs Benin Benin
Oct-11 Turkey Turkey vs Bosnia & Herz. Bosnia And Herzegovina
Oct-11 Ukraine Ukraine vs Croatia Croatia
Oct-11 USA USA vs Cuba CUBA
Oct-11 Wales Wales vs Liechtenstein Liechtenstein
Oct-12 Angola Angola vs Niger Niger
Oct-12 Ecuador Ecuador vs Chile Chile
Oct-12 Egypt Egypt vs Djibouti Djibouti
Oct-12 Guinea Guinea vs Kenya Kenya
Oct-12 Uganda Uganda vs Benin Benin
Oct-12 Venezuela Venezuela v Brazil Brazil
Oct-14 Bolivia Bolivia vs Uruguay Uruguay
Oct-15 Australia Australia vs Qatar Qatar
Oct-15 Austria Austria vs Serbia Serbia
Oct-15 Belarus Belarus vs England England
Oct-15 Belgium Belgium vs Spain Spain
Oct-15 Bosnia And Herzegovina Bosnia & Herz. vs Armenia Armenia
Oct-15 Brazil Brazil vs Colombia Colombia
Oct-15 Canada Canada vs Mexico Mexico
Oct-15 Chile Chile vs Argentina Argentina
Oct-15 Costa Rica Costa Rica vs Haiti Haiti
Oct-15 Croatia Croatia vs Andorra Andorra
Oct-15 Cuba Cuba vs Guatemala Guatemala
Oct-15 Czech Republic Czech Republic vs Slovenia Slovenia
Oct-15 El Salvador El Salvador vs Suriname Suriname
Oct-15 Estonia Estonia vs Turkey Turkey
Oct-15 Georgia Georgia vs Bulgaria Bulgaria
Oct-15 Germany Germany vs Wales Wales
Oct-15 Greece Greece vs Switzerland Switzerland
Oct-15 Iceland Iceland vs Macedonia Macedonia
Oct-15 Iran Iran vs Korea Republic Korea Republic
Oct-15 Ireland Ireland v Cyprus Cyprus
Oct-15 Jamaica Jamaica vs Honduras Honduras
Oct-15 Japan Japan vs Uzbekistan Uzbekistan
Oct-15 Korea Republic Korea Republic vs UAE United Arab Emirates
Oct-15 Latvia Latvia vs Israel Israel
Oct-15 Lithuania Lithuania vs Faroe Islands Faroe Islands
Oct-15 Luxembourg Luxembourg vs Moldova Moldova
Oct-15 Malta Malta vs Hungary Hungary
Oct-15 Northern Ireland N. Ireland vs San Marino San Marino
Oct-15 Norway Norway vs Netherlands Netherlands
Oct-15 Paraguay Paraguay vs Peru Peru
Oct-15 Portugal Portugal vs Albania Albania
Oct-15 Russia Russia vs Finland Finland
Oct-15 Trinidad And Tobago Trinidad & Tobago vs USA USA
Oct-15 Venezuela Venezuela vs Ecuador Ecuador

1. received in an email from livesoccertv.com
2. idk when they're playing or what channel. check local listings?
3. guyz, i'm really sad because i was going to go home tomorrow to watwch Spain-Estonia, but apparently my parents have planned a trip to the Bronx Zoo. meanwhile i tol dmy mother about this like three weeks in advance, WTF.

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Asian Power

In carefree strolls through the amazing world that is the internet, you can seriously find some brilliant things.

David Josué Jiménez Silva, more commonly known as Silva (born January 8, 1986 in Valencia, Spain), is a Spanish footballer who plays as a midfielder for Valencia CF. Born to a Spanish father and an Asian (unidentified nationality) mother, David Silva has proved to be one of the more exciting European footballers of his generation. Common among many Asian cultures, Silva is also skilled in the art of Machete fighting.

...WHAT. This was previously unknown to me, though now that I think about it it really should have been obvious. Clearly bb is a ninja master.

A very very unreliable source
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this is the last time ~ i swear


Edwin Van Der Sar has assured Sir Alex Ferguson his international comeback will only be for two games.

The Manchester United boss was delighted when Van der Sar quit playing for Holland after Euro 2008 to concentrate on prolonging his career at Old Trafford.

But the keeper, 37, has answered an SOS from Dutch coach Bert van Marwijk to play in the World Cup qualifiers against Iceland and Norway because of injuries to their other main goalkeepers.

Van der Sar was succeeded by Ajax keeper Maarten Stekelenburg after his retirement, but the Ajax goalie has sustained an injury.

Feyenoord goalie Henk Timmer is normally the Stekelenburg's back-up, but the 36-year-old is having injury trouble, too, and missed Feyenoord’s UEFA Cup match against Kalmar on Thursday.

However he insists that Wednesday's clash with Norway will be his last game for his country.

"It was hard to say no," said van der Sar. "I've been part of this team for a long time and I've always had a sense of responsibility.

"I was surprised to be asked and I'd not expected to be back. However I did not want to desert the team.

"This does not mean I will do the same again next time and Bert said it would be a one-off. Two matches, and that's it. After Norway it really is over for me with the national team."

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lol 1 month ago:
"No Chance Of International Return" - Van Der Sar

interview with vds and sneijder during training
any dutch speakers here by chance?

saturday - netherlands vs iceland @ 2:45 est
wednesday - norway vs netherlands @ 1:00 est

for the last 2 games with mr. edwin vds :(
unless someone keeps sabotaging the new gks
(u know the "injuries" were from boobie traps set by bert)
MERLIN! a/m * black and white

Not again :|

Ronaldo Will Join Madrid - Van Nistelrooy

Former Manchester United forward Ruud Van Nistelrooy has made the sensational claim that Cristiano Ronaldo is set to quit Old Trafford for the Bernabeu...

The saga involving Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid was one of the most enduring of the summer's transfer window. After seemingly endless weeks of speculations and cat-calls, the Portuguese winger decided to stay-put with the European champions and the rumours temporarily subsided. 

A heart-to-heart with his manager Sir Alex Ferguson reportedly quenched the 23 year-old's desire to move on.

However, as Europe's top leagues break for international fixtures, Real Madrid's Dutch forward has cast the attention back to the furore by claiming that Ronaldo is definitely going to the Bernabeu in the near future.

After falling out with Sir Alex Ferguson at the end of the 2005/06 season, Van Nistelrooy followed another former United star David Beckham to Real Madrid and he has tipped Ronaldo to do the same in the next two years. 

Speaking to Marca, the 32 year-old declared: "One day Ronaldo will join us. This could happen next summer, or the one after."


Errr, Ruud, you're great and all but... NO!


Photo from here and article from here