October 8th, 2008

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Damn! I was watching news on another tv channel.

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* He praises Unai Emery.
* They began to believe that they could win Eurocup after winning against Italy at quater-finals.
* He thinks that Raúl has never stopped being a very good player.
* Barça is the team that´s playing the best football.
* Messi is one of the best players in the world.
* His favorite goal with Spain NT was the one he scored to Buffon in a friendly against Italy.


A Prayer For Bishop Cornholio

O c0rrine, maiden fair,
Your eyes o' mystery, your raven hair
Give thanks doth we for this layout new,
The lure o' fap is hard to deny,
Fuck the formalities, let's go and screw
If it be what thou want, I'll spunk in thine eye

Forgeteth our origins, from where we came we do not,
Horizontal Fernando was undisputably hot
We reflect on those days with love and tented pants,
But now, begin the dance o' romance

My X-rated dream
My pantalone
For you
I cream


Princesa Lesbeana de mis Montañas

[o children of iker, we beseech you.]

Reverend Mothers, blessed followers of our hallowed San Iker,
Your humble acolytes request an audience on a matter of dire importance.

We children strive daily to follow the teachings of our beloved San Iker,
Given to us by High Priest Alonso and his holy brothers.
Holy mothers, members of this church feel a need
To recognize another follower and servant to the cause - Herr Michael Ballack.

An outsider he may be, but we can not help but see Herr Ballack's dedication
To the teachings we hold so dear.
It is by this example that we children petition the Holy Church
To grant Herr Ballack the honor of sainthood,
That others may see Iker's glory through his devoted servant.

Praise be to Iker.

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Holy mothers, full of snark,
Iker is with you.
Blessed are you amongst our assembly
And blessed is the fruit of your eternal talent and wisdom.

Holy mothers, pray for us devotees,
Now and in the hour of our need.


sergio: king

Spanish Scare For Iniesta, Sergio Ramos

Spain’s two integral figures Andrés Iniesta and Sergio Ramos both failed to complete yesterday’s training session with the national team as they continue to nurse minor injuries.

The duo’s participation in La Furia Roja’s next World Cup qualifying clash at Estonia this Saturday had been in doubt all week as they struggle to brush off their nagging injuries.

Their condition was thrown into question again yesterday when both failed to take part in the evening training session, although it was revealed later that coach, Vicente del Bosque had given them time off to rest as a pre-cautionary measure.

The Real Madrid rightback, Sergio Ramos, joined up with La Selección suffering from a muscle overload in his thigh, a niggle that he had been carrying since the Sporting Gijón clash – in which he was rested – two weeks ago.

Barcelona midfielder Andrés Iniesta, meanwhile, is still nursing a knee injury which prevented him from training normally for the past few days. The medical team, however, is confident that he will be back to full fitness come Saturday’s game.

Del Bosque will organize a final training session at 1000 hours on Thursday before jetting off to Estonia in the evening.


from goal.com

Columbia Doctors & Liverpool FC (+ other shit)

1) The title says it all really. I work at Columbia University Medical Center as a Med. Researcher (for the Anesthesiology Dept), and I had to use the computers they have for the doctors in their lounge... There are about five computers and all of them have Liverpool photos (specifically, Nando) as their desktop photos. I could not hide my huge grin... I want to know who is responsible for them and make friends. Either that or one of you snuck in there and marked your territory...

2) The doctor I work for got me a new computer (for the office). He's german, and he's yet to find out that I am a major German NT-phile... I am scheming to have Nationalmannschaft photos for desktop and screen saver... Must win brownie points. I thought I share my plans for the new computer and sexy men.

3) I miss Wednesday Night Chats.

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That is all.
awooo waka waka espagna
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wednesday's night of shame -- sort of.

"Deduct points for racism"

England vice-captain Rio Ferdinand has called on FIFA to end its practice of handing out paltry fines for teams whose supporters chant racial or homophobic abuse at players and suggested that the world governing body start deducting points from them instead.

Ferdinand was furious that the Croatian FA was only fined £15,000 for the behaviour of their fans during last month's 4-1 World Cup qualifier defeat to England in Zagreb when Emile Heskey was subjected to racist chanting.

Ferdinand feels that fines, particularly such meagre fines do not match the zero tolerance hyperbole of football's administrators and has called for tough new measures to be brought in.

''The football authorities need to look at themselves,'' the England vice-captain told BBC Radio Five Live. ''Sepp Blatter [FIFA president] likes to speak up about things that are good for FIFA's image. I would love to see them stand up and dish out the right punishments for these incidents.

''They make a lot of comments about what they are going to do but they never back up the words with actions. Croatia were fined a few thousand quid. What good is that going to do?

''That is not going to stop people shouting racist or homophobic abuse. If things like this keep happening you have to take points off them. Then the punters will realise the team is going to be punished.''