October 6th, 2008

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Russian mafia paid Bayern Munich millions to throw UEFA Cup semi-final, judge claims

The Russian mafia has paid for one of Europe's leading football clubs to intentionally lose a UEFA Cup semi-final, it has been claimed.

Spanish judge Baltasar Garzon claims to have picked up information about the match-fixing in wire-taps made on several members of a powerful Russian mafia gang who were arrested in Spain on June 13.

Gennady Petrov is said to have arranged for Bayern Munich to throw their crucial game against Zenit St Petersburg in May this year.

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Link to the original article with videos and pictures of said match
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Get to work you bitches!

Quick! Someone break into Iker's brother Facebook and leak its contents into the internau.



According to our research, said Facebook account seems to be legitimate. Inside material such as the following pair of pictures is said to come from those unexplored territories.

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End of message...

Signed: Agent Lovescock

have blowjobies *blowjobies*

sergio: king

WANNA BONE A FOOTBALLER? (or at least a guy who watches football?)

New Dating Website Hopes To Help Soccer Fans Score
A recently launched website aims to help soccer fanatics around the world meet that special someone who is equally passionate about the beautiful game.

Soccer moms may be media darlings, but they’re also off the market.

What are soccer singles to do? Where are they to find that someone special who appreciates a good square pass and can discuss the finer points of the offside trap?

Enter Ralph van Troost, founder of FootballFanFinder.com. He believes he has the remedy to every soccer single’s aching heart. His new website, according to a statement, "provides single football (soccer) fans with the opportunity to form love couples who are just as football-crazed as the Beckhams themselves.”

The idea is as old as sports: Sports fans, a notoriously ardent bunch, are seemingly not a match for anyone without the same zeal for the game. This is where FootballFanFinder.com sees its niche.

"The fact that we solely focus on singles with a passion for football is both unique and fascinating," van Troost said in the statement. "No other dating site is doing this. So, we can pretty much guarantee our members know a thing or two about the world's most favorite sport: football."

There are several similar sport-specific dating websites out there. MeetMeAtTheRaces.com caters to NASCAR lovers (no pun intended), and SportsPassions.com tries to match people up based on the sport they are into, including basketball, baseball, even golf.

But FootballFanFinder.com seems to be the first soccer-specific dating site. Whether it will work or not remains to be seen, but van Troost already has the match-making schmaltz down.

“Some people say football is war,” reads a banner on the site. “Well, for us, football is love.”


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Fun - Kitty Claudia
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Follow up: Zenit deny corruption, consider legal action

Zenit St Petersburg on Wednesday denied the UEFA Cup was won dishonestly and are considering legal action against media which reported a Russian criminal gang arrested in Spain issued bribes. The gang said they used tens of millions of euros in bribes to "buy" the trophy won by Zenit St Petersburg last season, beating Scotland's Rangers 2-0 in the May final.

Zenit had also beaten favourites Bayern Munich 4-0 in the second leg match of the semi-final at home.

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Link to original article.
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