September 27th, 2008

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Following in the footsteps of Becks

Cristiano Ronaldo has decided to realease his own calendar! A few weeks ago, Becks did the same. These two have so much incommon...

"Cristiano Ronaldo has the world at his feet. Top Premiership player last season and now in his own exclusive calendar. He is a real hunk. Make sure you start 2009 waking up with Manchester United Cristiano Ronaldo today!"


Would you buy it?

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barca vs espanyol


who just watched that


match between barca and espanyol?

69' Moments earlier Henry had hit the post, but now the referee is calling the players off the pitch after fans broke through security cordons. The Espanyol supporters below the Barça area are trying to reach their rivals.
69' Crowd trouble has flared up with the Barça supporters celebrating the fact that they have launched several flares into the home supporters. That has sparked a reaction among the home fans and they are battling with security guards.
70'If the banners that are on display in the Barça end are to be believed then it is the Boixos Nois, who no longer attend home games, are there in huge numbers.
71'The Espanyol fans below the away area are staying put, but riot police are now surrounding the Barça fans as the whole stadium begins to chant against the visitors.
72'The referee is talking to the players and telling them that the game will restart, but be prepared to go off again if any further incidents happen.
73' The match is back underway and immediately Kameni was in action to keep out a deep free-kick. A goal now could really heat things up off the pitch.

omg from but they don't make sense 1/2 the time

Espanyol's supporters turn off flares thrown by fans of Barcelona during the Liga football match Espanyol vs Barcelona at the Olympic staduim in Barcelona

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The 10 Most Overrated Footballers

10. Cristian Panucci (Roma, Serie A)

Not the best right-back or center-back in Italy and he never was the best, even at his peak. Panucci is not the most reliable of defenders, yet he still gets a lot of undeserved attention.

Panucci was a player in the Italian squad in Euro 2004 and Euro 2008 in two tournaments very disappointing showings for Italy. Ironically, he was absent from the Italian squad in 2006 when Italy won the World Cup.

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Iker's commercials...

I'm sorry if this has been posted before...but a little Iker doesn't hurt. :P

Commercials for the insurance group Groupama

Such a cute commercial for Danet with Xabi <3 <3

and my absolute favourite, he's so BAD but oh so adorable!

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