September 19th, 2008


spam spam spam spam spam

I was being a good student and not doing anything and everything important when I found these little gems over at...

Who Are Ya Designs

"shirts as clever as the game you support"

the tee shirts are amazing. hilarious. fucking witty.
Thought you lady's would enjoy....

So go visit em'

And in the mean time lets think up some wickedly clever shirts as well. ;)


best scarves ever. my birthday is april 19th. i want the steal army scarf.. pleaseandthankyou.

Back to woooork....
have a great friday girls!
awooo waka waka espagna
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two things:

Torres mumbles about Keane
video not embedded, links to article+interview instead


a terribly heartwarming set of videos that all Liverpool fans have to see
... featuring mainly Torres with former Liverpool players + Pepe and Arbeloa
(seriously, you'll puke)

Part 2, Part 3

wait for the part where he responds about selling more shirts than gerrard
his reply es muy cute

lulu dummy


Jens Lehmann angers his neighbors by taking a helicopter to training.

High-flying Stuttgart keeper Jens Lehmann has been taking a helicopter to get to training - infuriating his new neighbours in the otherwise tranquil Bavarian town of Berg.

Lehmann and his family recently moved to the picturesque town alongside Lake Starnberg, but the ex-German keeper is not making any friends among the new neighbours, thanks to his habit of taking a noisy helicopter to his training in Stuttgart, 250km away.

He has landed at least twice in the centre of the town – in the middle of the football pitch!

Great story, or greatest story?

Brought to you by Cesc Fabregas' 'acting':