September 18th, 2008

awooo waka waka espagna
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oh my fucking god

so i was just innocently surfing the internets, looking for details about classy ass master xabi alonso and how he used to go to business school, WHEN...

(and blogs of other footballers, such as buffon, ronaldinho, etc)

at first, i was all skeptical because it was on MSN spaces, but then i googled its authenticity and it is indeed REAL.

holy shit.
holy shit.
holy shit.
holy shit.

here's a sample:

Xabi Alonso - June, 7th 2006
Football is my profession and beyond being footballers, we are people too - with different interests and hobbies. I try to get involved in things beyond the game; I try to show an interest in other things and there are many things I am curious about, that I want to know more about. I try to approach everything with an open mind - that's the way I've always been. When I came to England I was studying Economics and Business, but it's been hard to keep up and I have let that slip a bit since being in Liverpool. I am keen on other sports, too: I play padel, which is a kind of mini-tennis that's very popular in Spain, and being a footballer I suppose it's inevitable that I should play golf as well. Not that I'm much good, mind you: I think the ball controls me more than I control the ball. I play with my team-mates from time to time but I still find it very hard; I think I need a few more lessons. Quite a few. I haven't even got a handicap yet. I also like to spend time getting to know Liverpool and just taking in the city: I live right by the river Mersey and although it's a bit windy, I enjoy it a lot. The worst thing about Liverpool is that it tends to be dark by 3.30 in the afternoon but it's not like we have that much time to ourselves anyway, so those days I do get off tend to be spent relaxing and taking it easy, doing up the flat or taking a stroll and having a coffee with friends. I do drink tea but I'm still more of a coffee man; England hasn’t conquered me completely just yet.

My favourite songs - July, 6th 2006
It's hard to name your top five songs because there are so many that you could include but right now I would have to go for:

Nirvana, "Smells Like Teen Spirit."
Andres Calamaro, "Estadio Azteca."
Andres Calamaro, "Flaca."
Robbie Williams, "Angels".
And, living in and playing for Liverpool, I really have to add Johnny Cash's, "Ring of Fire"!

if i don't walk down the aisle with this man i will fucking jump into an ocean of sharks nereidas

i can't breathe


Xabi Alonso
Michael Owen
Claude Makelele
Gianluigi Buffon
Kevin Kuranyi
Edgar Davids


i am so stoked, i haven't even read all the entries yet

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