September 12th, 2008

ai - adam say whaaaaa?

You'll Never Hobble Alone

From Auntie Beeb:

Liverpool duo Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres have both been declared fit to face Manchester United.

Gerrard missed England's 4-1 win in Croatia on Wednesday after undergoing a minor groin operation, while Torres has recovered from a hamstring tear.

Both players are included in Rafael Benitez's squad after coming through a light training session on Friday.

"They are both much better," said Benitez. "They came through a full training session this morning."

He added: "It's important for us to have these two players of quality who can change a game.

Nando: My hamstring is much better now, Stevie!
Stevie: My groin is all healed up! Now we can engage in shameless manlove score lots of goals together!
Nando: I like to score goals!
Stevie: I like it when you score goals.
Nando: I remember...

In Nando's thoughtbubble:

Now all that remains is for the sexy sexy lads at Liverpool to kick Manchester United's collective arse so we get lots of celebrations of this nature tomorrow, yes? Come on boys! Now is your time to stop being mediocre! Nando and Stevie got fit for you, how about meeting them the rest of the way?

Photos stolen shamelessly from septemberjoy's fantabulous Football OTP Part 5 post. September Joy, indeed.

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okay, ladies, in a boredom-induced stupor at work, i created a lj community for the england national team.


go join! surely there are some others who will root for engerland and make icons and post picspams from games and interviews and whatnot. england are my #2 and it's sad that there isn't an active community for them right now.

but... i need some help! i am incompetent when it comes to graphics and making communites look purdy... would anyone be willing to help me out?

here are some hot footie players that think you should join, too:

(damn, this photo is old)
wear a condom - juno

Spain NT showing their manlove to one another..

This was during the Euro 08's Spain-Italy match of course..
Iker's fantabulous save
Cesc looking absofuckingly horrified (because Spain's future is on his hands.. err feet)
manpiles, hugs, kisses, slaps (?!)
Dahveed/Iker moment
half-naked Sergio
Dahveed OTP moment
God looking HOT and greeting His people
and all other Spanish goods

..and of course, Luca Toni's stache..

You can watch a better quality video from the source>