September 10th, 2008

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i should go to bed omf

Torres likely to be fit to face Man United

FERNANDO TORRES is winning his battle to be fit for Liverpool’s showdown with Manchester United on Saturday.

The Spanish striker was initially ruled out for “between two and three weeks” after suffering a hamstring tear during the goalless draw against Aston Villa nine days ago.

It meant Torres was instantly ruled out of the visit of Sir Alex Ferguson’s side, as well as missing Spain’s World Cup qualifiers against Bosnia and Armenia.

But Liverpool’s medical staff have been encouraged by the speed at which Torres has responded to treatment on the injury.

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and a mini picspam bcus i feel lak it
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taking the idea from the lovely crediniaeth

please tell me i'm not the only one sitting at work, watching, waiting for the russia v. wales game to start??

i know the inundation of posts won't come until spain plays. but who else loves the international matches, even though most club fans haaaaaate them?
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Spain discussion post

Yes, yes I know. A lot of you are sick of this being ONTD_Espana but quite a few people seem to discuss during Spain games and so I thought a discussion post would keep us out of everyone elses way.

Really it's for the best. I mean, if you don't like Spain much then you probably won't want to keep seeing comments in the general WCQ post saying stuff like, "Villa, stop going offside!" "When is Xabi going on?" "OMG, San Iker really is San Iker!" etc

So for all Spain fans, here is what we will be hoping for or expecting tonight.

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