September 4th, 2008


a sprinkle of lols with a chance of HUH!

Um so basically a filtered version of this post over at goals_are_love; apologies to those who also watch that community/hate repeats.

Let's start off with a little pretty...


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Moving on... BOJANGLES!

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Meanwhile, across the Atlantic...

Agüero: "Hey hey whoa, easy on the pressure!"
Leo: "Wonder what I should do with my hair..." *drifts*

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sobering news

Who Ate All The Pies: We think it's all over...

To those of you wondering about the recent inactivity on Pies, it's only fair to put you in the picture:

In its current form, as published by Shiny Media, Pies is no more. I won't go into the reasons why - I'm just the editor, and the decision was not mine - but fans of the site will be happy to know that Pies may still have a future, so watch the web for more news on that.

It's very frustrating, especially with so much juicy stuff I'd like to write about right now: Man City turning into Chelsea, the Berbatov saga, football having its soul sucked out from the inside by billionaires*, Kevin Keegan's latest tantrum etc. But I'm sure football will survive without us!

I'd like to thank all of you out there for your support over the last couple of years. Your contributions helped make Pies a genuine success. I'll miss all the suggestions for Shit Lookalikes (stand up Chringle), and of course the comments, both positive and, er, not so positive. Writing for a site like Pies is not much fun without feedback, and you did us proud. Cheers to you.

Enjoy the season...
Ollie, Pies Ed.


well here's what i think about all of it:

A coupla people have mentioned in the comments that a new site, www.offthepost.(something), has sprung up in Pies's wake; methinks they mean

In any case, R.I.P. Pies. The answer, as always, is Fot Fronk.

Xabi leans artfully against a store window to ponder the termination of that wonderful website...*sighs*
Xavi // sobao

This is really random, but...

Okay, so since both Davids have nicknames... I was thinking... I want to give one to Jesús Navas. Because he's cool enough to deserve one, y/y?

So, given this, and since the Davids' nicknames are similar to the way they're pronounced in Spanish (I won't go into detail XD), we can do the same for Navas.

We can call him Jethú, because that's how it's pronounced in Sevilla (At least the outlying areas; Sevilla city has a different accent...think Ramos for that one. I do realize that's pointless info.) (there's a really good reason why I have a hard time understanding people from that part of the world...).

Just a thought, I know the others are more inside jokes than anything else, so feel free to shoot me down. I'm just trying to get more actively involved. :)

And before you think I didn't bring the pretty, click Navas's name. You'll find a really pretty one there. You've all seen the picture before, but not like this. Trust me.

Oh, and one for the lulz. Because I can.

Take a look at this picture and try to convince me that Xavi's NOT hiking up his shorts to make me die. Seven bloody time zones away.

*second picture courtesy of goals_are_love*
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Spain // Casa Batlló

Coupla polls.

Serious entry. Sorry if it feels like I'm spamming your friends list. I just...have lots on my mind. =P

I have some polls. First poll has to do with Spanish. I tried to be as all-inclusive as I could, and if you have any questions or other comments, feel free to comment.

Do you speak Spanish? How much?

I'm fluent.
I can carry on a conversation, but still have awhile to go.
I can understand it but have a really hard time expressing myself.
I can kind of understand, but everyone speaks so fast!
Very little.
Ehh...¿qué pasa?
None yet, but I'm going to start taking classes soon!

Second poll is about a pronunciation guide for the Selección.

Would you like for me to make a post as a pronunciation guide on how to pronounce the names of all the members of the Selección?

Yes, please.
No, thanks.

It would be updated as the squad changes, so don't worry about names being forgotten. If there are previous members you want on there (I have a feeling Cañizares and Joaquín are going to be requested XD), feel free to let me know as well. I just want to know if anyone's interested before I make a fool of myself over the internet. XD I'm still figuring out HOW I'm going to do it, but at the moment, I think I'm only going to do a recording in the player's native language (i.e. Basque or Catalan, as I don't think any of the players speak Galician as far as I know, though Torres may understand it. I have no idea.) for consistency and ease, and if there's a difference in the Spanish pronunciation, like with Xabi/Xavi I'll write the "accepted" pronunciation next to it.

Hope that makes sense.

I'll probably also post the pronunciation guide to spain_de_futbol because I know not all of you are Spain fans. XD I just know there's a lot of Spain love here that's not over at s_d_f. :)
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