September 3rd, 2008

Spain // Casa Batlló

The Spanish national puppets?

So I was looking for a Spanish TV show I love on YouTube and there are no full versions up (BOOHISS), but found this instead.

It's from the station that carried the Eurocup in Spain (Yes, I'm perpetuating ontd_espana...I know you all hate it. XD) and they're absolutely hilarious. XD It also has subtitles so it should be easier to follow, just a little song singing about how they managed to hand Italy their butts during quarterfinals... XD Definitely worth a watch.

Oh, and they're puppets, but the resemblance is uncanny.


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Serhio Ramo to stay at Real...FOREVER?!

Madrid To Offer Ramos 10 Year Deal

"We will offer him a nine or ten year deal so that the boy can have a clear idea that his professional career will finish here," Mijatovic stated.

"Iker Casillas has already been lined up to take the armband in 2011 when Raúl's current contract ends and he is expected to retire from the game, but Ramos will be his understudy."

Captain Ramos. HELL YEAH.
oh hai miguel

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Fic // Jump on the bed?


I just posted a video. Nobody had better care that I'm posting another one, OR ELSE. I will come find you. And I will bring out my Catalan skeelz. Don't say I didn't warn you.

So anyway, I found a whole stash of Xavi videos on YouTube. This is striking gold, I SWEAR. So much pretty. AND HE TALKS. Nothing can get better than that. I've found videos of him speaking Catalan, and then there's this little gem.

This is a commercial for Danone (Dannon in the US and maybe Canada?) natillas, a kind of dessert similar to pudding that's traditional to Spain. Ronaldinho was the most recent spokesman, and now it's Messi and...I think Robinho (but that's all changed now because he's not in Spain anymore). I had no idea Iker and Xavi did it at one point, so it just made my day to discover this. OMG WIN.

SO SO SO SO CUTE OMG. BABY!IKER. BABY!XAVI. My life is now complete.

Also on the baby!Iker note, another one. Also featuring other Barça legend Luis Enrique and a few other Spanish athletes, such as tennis player Ferrero. :) BTW, it's in Catalan, just so you're aware.

Hm. May as well post other videos. XD

I don't know if anyone's seen this (judging by the way you all are all over Iker I'd be a little surprised if you haven't but whatever XD), but it's Iker onstage singing with Amaral, a really popular (and really good!) Spanish band. He really CAN'T sing, but still, watching him try is cute. XD

I'm going to post this before I get carried away and you all hate me for clogging your friends lists. o_____O
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[El emperador y sus locuras] OMFG!

Salvados por la Eurocopa

Well, here's the program I've talked about... I found it yesterday and in this program the reporter gives a camera to Xavi for film a "short subject" during the Euro08. Well, they don't show any of this "short subject" at the program (maybe Xavi or somebody removed it before give back the camera to the presenter), but I can't believe that Xavi didn't record anything (he stole a towel and a bottle of water, so I don't think he worried a lot about the rules of the hotel or whatever xDDD). Also, the presenter interviews Xavi and Iker.

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David Silva's out for 2 La Liga and 1 UEFA match

Valencia's medics are taking drastic measures to heal Silva's ankle by removing all sports activity until he is symptom-free. He will end up missing Valencia's La Liga matches against Almeriá and Osasuna as well as a UEFA Cup match against Marítimo, not to mention two 2010 FIFA World Cup qualifiers against Boznia-Herzegovina and Armenia.

[Theelba looking uncomfortable because he just knows Villa  will have something to say about this pic]

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