August 30th, 2008

I'm Sorry, I Couldn't Resist.

Remember the lovely Iker song? Well, here's the real version of it, QUE VIVA ESPANA.

Note: This was not posted for the song. This was posted because in the first vid, we get to see the Spanish NT dancing about. Notice Tha Ramos doing some sort of Tango/Flamenco/Mating dance with Iker, and Cesc bobbing around like a robot.
In the second vid: Xavi/Marchena lovin' at :31, and DAHVEEEEEDDD WORKIN' THE MIC AT :41.

Hope you all enjoy, and aren't annoyed at my vidspamming about the Spanish NT :).
Spain // Casa Batlló

BRING ON THE CATALANS. Presenting the only Xavi picspam you will ever need.

I totally just posted. Do I care? Clearly not.

So, given the MANY REACTIONS (ZOMG 66 COMMENTS ALREADY. I FEEL LOVED.) to my Xavi video post (you CANNOT deny he's made of epic win, folks!), I present you with a picspam dedicated to my ultimate football crush, Xavier Hernández Creus. Because he rocks my world.


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P.S. This is seriously the best LJ community EVAR. You guys are awesome.

The Cesc Fabregas Show > The Fabio Cannavaro Show

You all remember the Cesc Fabregas show, yes?
Well, Nike decided to let Canna have his own show too. I was excited, but then I found out he would be clothed throughout the entire thing. NOT FAIR.

The cescy Canna talks about NOT PISSING OFF GATI (who I have a soft spot for - DON'T MOCK ME). And the whole thing is in Italian. With Italian men. MMMM.

It all goes downhill though, when Marco Douchebag Materazzi makes an appearance, wearing what seems to be everything from the salvation army that people refuse to accept. DOUCHEBAG.

Watch it here.



Hey Guys! Long time lurker, first time poster here. I hope this picture brings good luck to Valencia when they go up against Mallorca in 9 hours. Or at least, I hope it'll inspire more fanfics... *hint hint, wink wink*

[I would kill to see the full picture, but alas, this is all I could get]

Feel free to discuss the match as it happens. *fingers crossed for Silva and his ankles*