August 24th, 2008


Assorted Leeerpool Bzns

Hola BBs! Happy Sunday :)

In this poast, I present you with more sundry tidbits of footie goodness involving various Leeerpudlians. Onward!

First up, the ever so shaggalicious Daniel Agger in an interview with LFC TV.
The questions (fan submissions...they didn't pick any of mine! *hrmph*) were LAME, but I would gladly watch this boy read the phone book, so enjoy over 9 minutes of his delicious mumbling Scouser-tinted accent:



Collapse )

[member appreciation aka omg ilu all!]

Can I just say how incredibly awesome all of you are?

I've been silently trolling ontd_olympics these past few weeks because I could, and that comm makes me SO DAMN GLAD that I have all of you to squee and be silly with.

And not see posts about trolling the Baltimore city phone book trying to find the 'correct' Debbie Phelps wtf.

*hugs you all*


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