August 22nd, 2008

Renars - My Teddy Princess

this IS inappropriate for minors


Bonjour, buenos dias, meow, whatever you prefer.
I was surfing through the world wide web today, innocently searching for some pictures of our beloved futbolistas, entirely for the purpose of admiring their skills and discussing their tacticts only, when I found THIS: 


With that, all my innocence flew out the window, and after ten minutes, when I finally managed to close my mouth, my fingers stopped shaking and I started to feel my legs again, I decided to share with you THE WHOLE STORY.
Please tear you gaze away from the loverboys you see above (the picture will still be there in five minutes, I assure you) and

Collapse )
Disclaimer: I am in no way to be made responsible for the effects on your body, mind, and soul that this entry could provide. Thank you.