July 29th, 2008

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I'm not obcesced, stfu

So I've heard fuck-all about who wants bb Silva until now. Having deja vu from yesterday? Yes, more stuff about Villa. Still.

Valencia battle to keep stars

Vice-president acknowledges clubs would want Villa and Silva

Last updated: 29th July 2008

Valencia vice-president Fernando Gomez says the club are determined to hang on to David Villa and David Silva.

The attacking duo have been linked with a string of Europe's top clubs after being tipped to leave Valencia over the summer.

Villa's agent has encouraged Tottenham Hotspur to make a bid for the striker, while Atletico Madrid are keen on Silva.

Gomez has no offers to consider, but is aware that both Villa and Silva will be coveted by other teams.

"On a sporting level, who wouldn't want to count on them?" Gomez told Valencian newspaper Las Provincias.

"I will do everything possible so that they continue with us, the president also has that intention, but we are going to wait.

"I also have no offer on the table, although I will study all those that arrive for any player."

Silva's agent, Julio Llorente, claims that Atletico have made a bid for the attacker, who impressed in Spain's successful Euro 2008 campaign.

Llorente said: "Atletico got in contact with us once and if they really want the player they should talk to Valencia."

Oh bbs


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huh huh huh

theelba and villa aren't the only hotties at valencia

Raúl Albiol. Plays as a central defender/defensive midfielder for Valencia (with the DAHVEEEDS) and the Spain NT. He's a total hottie but totally underrated. He also plays an important role in the Villa/Silva romance. Photo evidence under the cut.

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Also, there has been rumours about Arsenal being after him... so either way, our Valencia boys will experience some heartbreak, whether the Dahveeeeeeds make a move or not.
forza azzurri: zomg!

Picspam: Gennaro Gattuso

First post on the comm! Hi, y'all. *waves* For my first post, I'd like to introduce you to one of my favourite players on the Italian NT, one who gets not nearly enough love in my humble opinion. (There may need to be a new tag for him, mods...)

Meet Gennaro Gattuso, known to his nearest and dearest as Rino, and known to me as Growls. He plays for the Italian national side and of course for AC Milan, which means as a Liverpool fan I should totally hate him, but I just can't. Look at Rino's wee face!


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