July 25th, 2008

snow has better hair than you

fabi-ohhh cannavaro picspam of glory

Fabio Cannavaro is a sexy beast and this post is going to make sure you all know it.
If you donut know Canna, you are missing out--he is a 34 year old Italian  who plays for the Azzurri and for Real Madrid. He is very "affectionate" with his fellow players (huh huh huh). He has fucking sweet eyebrows. He is a defender (centre-back). He beasted (and captained) during WC 06--if i remember correctly, he didn't get carded once--but missed out on Euro 08 because of an injury. This was depressing but it resulted in speculation that he would probably push his retirement from the Italy NT back past WC 10. Which means hopefully in two years we'll see him on the pitch!! He is adorable with his family and is, in general, an awesome individual. Photos below--get ready to swoooon.

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huh huh huh

random cesc post

I pretty much spent my whole yesterday on a Cesc internets field trip
Here's some stuff I've gathered ;)


'When everything goes so quickly, and you are enjoying it, you don't think about how old you are,' he says. 'But sometimes I sit down, and realise that what I've achieved in the last two or three years is something different for a boy of my age. All my friends back home are going to discotheques, things like that, but instead I came here on my own to a big club, where there is great pressure to succeed.

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Fabregas also revealed a secret he would probably prefer to keep from Gunners boss Arsene Wenger. He loves scoffing chocolate doughnuts!

[...] “We’re not very strict with our diet. We eat well when the squad stays together and, after that, each of us is professional enough to take care of himself off the pitch.

“I’m not a glutton but I like doughnuts, especially small ones covered with chocolate. Who doesn’t?”

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(In that article he also talks about how nando, xabi, pepe and arbeloa have teased him)

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just want to be prepared

Fenerbahce offer €20million for Alonso

FENERBAHCE, Aragones Wants Alonso, De La Red Or Maniche

Spanish Report Says Fenerbahçe Makes Offer for Alonso

offers have apparently been made. maybe it's nothing, but i am already close to tears. wtf rafa...barry is not worth this.

(sorry bbs, don't mean to rain on our wonderful discothèque parade...but i feel like we should be prepared and stay on our toes concerning this devastating error possible transfer.)