July 18th, 2008

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Hai bbs,

So you guys know that .gif that people always post in ONTD Twilight posts? The one with the face of one RPattz, pasted onto the dancing chick behind Prince?

Apparently I have a litttle too much time on my hand and lord knows I enjoy making shitty photoshop memes (obviously given my icons). So I made this little number:
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I know it's a bit sloppy, but I figured I would share regardless!
I'm also going to do one with Sergio as Prince HUH HUH HUH, maybe some Cesc/DONUT action, IDK IDK.

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Yes...I am home on a Friday night. But it's to bring you lovely bbs someFernando Torres.

I opened up an issue of FourFourTwo today and the first thing I saw was Nando ~*starin' into my soul*~ so I had to buy it.

I swear I searched for like an hour and couldn't find the ads with this cropping/lighting. So for anyone else who, like me, appears to be behind on the times, a Nike ad for the T90 II (not to be confused with the first T90 which was yellow).

Bonus:An article about how Iniesta is ~*a true star of Euro 2008*~.

The magazine is from before the Euro games and just FYI the odds for Spain to win were 6/1.


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