July 16th, 2008



I love fawning over jpgs of total haudees on hols.
Especially when they are tall. And blond. And freckley.

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Also, Mom-note:
TAGGING! Tagging is rad. I love tagging.
Plssss, if you haven't, tag your entries. Woo! Party.
Picspam, article, interview, player name, etc whatever la la la you are smart and forward-thinking intellectuals I know you can figure it out.

bahahaha paris you suck

EXCLUSIVE: Ronaldo snubs Paris Hilton during late night frolics at Hollywood club

By Mark Coleman
Last updated at 1:28 PM on 16th July 2008

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Football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo turned down Paris Hilton after she made a play for him at a Hollywood nightclub, MailOnline has learned.
The Manchester United striker - currently in LA on an undisclosed business trip - arrived at trendy hotspot Villa in the early hours of Wednesday morning.
A source said: 'Paris was all over him. The moment he arrived, she went over to his private table.
'At one point, she pushed her chest together and made a point of trying to snuggle up against him.
'But Ronaldo clearly wasn't interested in Paris. He turned his back on her.'
According to reports, the 23-year-old Portugese star is a single man after splitting from model Nereida Gallardo, 25.
And heiress Paris, clad in a peach-coloured dress, was clearly impressed by his charms.
The onlooker added: 'Every girl in the club was checking him out but Paris couldn't take her eyes off him.
'You could tell he enjoyed the attention but he didn't really want anything to do with any of the girls.
'He just sipped vodka soda in the corner of the club with his friends.'
Flanked by four or five male friends, Ronaldo arrived hobbled in on crutches just after 11.30pm.
Earlier, he had enjoyed a business dinner with around nine associates at Hollywood steak restaurant STK.
A fellow diner said: 'He is obviously in LA on business.
'He looked very serious over dinner and spent the entire time talking to the men in suits.'
The onlooker added that Ronaldo is being accompanied by a glamorous female assistant, who is apparently helping him recuperate from injury.


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This post was brought to you by Eduardo:




100 members already?!

I lobe you all, I really do.
I am so proud of you, my little porkchops. Look how many picspams there are already!
My heart swells. Be still, my beating ham wallet.

Lettuce party now, ok?

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Before I help my friend move into her house I thought I'd post one more fast (and short) pic spam...

Wesley Sneijder's amazingly beautiful eyes got me inspired to do A Netherlands themed post! This is to the men who wear that obnoxiously bright oranje, but damnit do they wear it proud! So, of course we love em' for it!

Ok, bb's I'm out for the day, be back tomorrow, love you all!

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What team do you support?

I was just wondering.. here at ONTD Football, maybe this could be a post to get to know each other a bit better! Sort of as an initiation.

You can provide the following info:

Club you support
Country you support
Favourite Players

Gogogogo! This way we'll get to know who supports who and it'll be fun to see if we can find fellow supporters of the same clubs/countries.

I'll start off:

Club you support: Manchester United
Country you support: Portugal (& if Portugal's out.. Spain.. I guess, considering I'm part Spanish.. or Catalan in specific lol).
Favourite Players: United players (of course) in particular Ronaldo (well.. he was my favourite before all this crap.. dunno what my stance is right now), Rooney, Giggs, Scholes, Evra, VDS, oh wait I'm naming the whole team aren't I..., David Villa, Sergio Aguero, Eric Cantona, etc. I have a soft spot for Torres lately, and Cesc, and a few others.

Your turn!

LOL must watch for everyone!

Now, I'm no Chelsea fan, but this video has to be seen by EVERYONE!

I especially love Hilario's heavy breathing! And Ballack's "the coach". (I hate Ashley's "me" lol).

But John Terry's choice was the best haha. Lamps! "I think the girls like him a little bit. And if I was that way, I think I'd see something in him" LOL!
snow has better hair than you

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 heyyy ladies!!
i am loving the posting that is going on in here sooo much. yaay <3
let's get the donut party (ie chat) going again tonight, eh?  whos in? and what time?


edit: enter the chat by going to the community info--there's a link in the profile box if you scroll down. the room name is ontdfootball. i'm in there now!