July 15th, 2008

snow has better hair than you



tonight in the chat we came up with some ridiculous interests (along with an epic post idea that hopefully will materialize sooner rather than later!!), but we want MOOOAR!!! 

Give us your faves! names, inappopriate thoughts, teams, whatever. We want diversity!

xoxoxo love you bbs!!!
snow has better hair than you

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Darling footie lovers,


This community has been in existence for less than a day and we already have 53 members!!!

Glad that so many people find these topics as enjoyable as all your mods do <3

So, everyone should feel free to post—picspam, gossip, rants, raves, declarations of love, whatever you want! With so many of us, it should be an excellent time had by all.


Co-mods: whoever edited the profile, I LOVE IT.


Also, today I was on my lunch break and I saw Steven Gerrard’s doppelganger. Needless to say it was the greatest 30 seconds of my day. In the spirit of the great man, baby picspam! (I am at work, after all.)


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