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Um... this doesn't look very exciting but there are goalkeepers so it obviously is.

I do believe it's my duty to do this and I don't think it's been here before because... well, I'd have noticed XD

The latest Castrol Goalkeeper Rankings have been released... uh, a few days ago I think but anyway.
Top 20 is under the cut, 9 of them are from the Premier League...
One of them is Joe Hart. Muhaha. Haha. HAH.

The rankings are as followed :

1 E. Van der Sar    - Manchester United  
2 I. Casillas   - Real Madrid
3 T. Sorensen  - Stoke
4 J. Drobny  - Hertha Berlin
5 S. Given  - Manchester City
6 N. Penneteau - Valenciennes
7 C. Carrasso - Bordeaux
8 P. Cech  - Chelsea
9 J. César - Inter Milan
10 S. Frey - Fiorentina
11 N. Dida - AC Milan
12 J. Hart   - Birmingham
13 B. Friedel - Aston Villa
14 G. Wimbée - Valenciennes
15 M. Schwarzer  - Fulham
16 H. Lloris - Lyon
17 J. Colinas - Sporting
18 J. Reina - Liverpool
19 N. Douchez - Rennes
20 M. Fülöp - Sunderland

Anywho, I doubt anybody cares too much but there's an explanation of the rankings here
But yes - goalkeeper duty to tell you all this.

I was going to use this as an opportunity to spam you with goalkeepers but my house has suddenly filled with people so here, have Joe. Not literally though because he's mine.


I see you, squealing with excitement... *raises eyebrow*
Tags: edwin van der sar, i can't think of a fucking tag, iker casillas

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