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Chelsea 2-1 Fulham Picspam

In summary, Chelsea played Fulham and Jose Mourinho reignited his love affair with the English press.

"Please, no autographs."

Who are you kidding?

Interviews are fine too.

Thankfully he's dressed much better than last time he came to see Chelsea.

Has Jose suddenly become shy?

No, I don't think that will ever happen.

The kid may look cute, but he just stole that hat from Ancelotti.

Fulham scored first, there was a poorly executed back-flip/cartwheel involved. Moving on.

With the help of his third knee, Drogba scores the equalizer.

And looks to see if Jose was watching.

Probably blew him a kiss too.

JT takes one for the team from the team.


JT's injury seems to have interferred with his ability to react properly to Chelsea taking the lead.

Ballack has no excuse.

Maybe it's a new celebration technique they've been working on.

Carlo and Ray hint at a more proper way to do things.

Every game should end with a victory and a group hug.

And less clothing.
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