annie (teenny) wrote in ontd_football,

3 events. 1 post

I'm not going to make 3 post. So here is one big one.

1st: Catalunya v. Argentina

Oh Bojan, don't ever grow up

Higuain remembering our morning together

What?! You're gonna call that? It wasn't even loaded

this should be on a hallmark card. you know like:
"Sorry I missed your birthday"   "Sorry I ran over your dog"   "Sorry I slept with your girlfriend"

lol. at first i did not even see Bojan

He look Gago playin football!

best display of thigh

It's a friendly!  Just holding hands, putting an arm around a buddy's shoulder

when the fuck did Gago cut his hair? looks good.

2nd: Champions for Africa

Iker what the fuck are you doing?! This is just too strange. Next thing you know the sky will be green and the grass will be blue.

Esteban is growing on me

so cute. we need to get married.

Sergio playing with De La Red's and Marcelo's choad

Jesus!....mary and joseph

I need more of this sexy man in my life

3rd: Christmas crap
I know exactly what you are thinking

Kaka: OMG OMG he is going to love my gift
Raul: geez wonder what gay ass shit Kaka gave to Cris
Cris: hope it's not something too obvious

Cris: holy shit it's the crocodile underwear
Raul: fuckin A these dudes are so gay for each other

mmm papi

I leave you with a pic of Esteban "make me" Groan-ero, my new boyfriend

Tags: bojan krkic perez, charity has never been so sexy, cristiano ronaldo, fernando gago, friendlies, gonzalo higuain, hairpocalypse, jailbait, kaká, nt: argentina, oh god please yes, raúl gonzález, sergio ramos

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