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us soccer releases january training camp roster

For the uninitiated, January is a good month for USMNT supporters- for the past few years, they've held a training camp at the Home Depot Center in Carson, California, for most of January, culminating in a friendly. The camp is mostly comprised of MLS players, with some players who play in Scandinavian leagues, which run on a similar schedule to MLS because of weather. The camp starts January 4th and ends with a friendly against Honduras on January 23rd (which will be shown live on FSC at 9 PM EST). This isn't a FIFA date, so players' clubs don't have to release them, which is why many of the regular suspects aren't here. 30 players have been called into camp, and since a lot of these guys are players y'all may not know, I figured I'd do a pictorial roster again.

rosterCollapse )
More info on the roster here

ETA: um, some of the pics have weird gray stuff at the bottom? I have no idea, Imageshack like changed their website around today so it might have to do with that.
Tags: friendlies, nt: united states, picspam

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