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Milan maestro Clarence Seedorf: There is less diving in England

The Rossoneri ace has given his views on play acting...

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Milan midfielder Clarence Seedorf has condemned players who dive and believes that Italian teams like Juventus and Inter, who he accuses of faking injuries and rolling around unnecessarily, could learn from players in the Premier League.

Seedorf has called for new laws to be ratified in the game so the cheaters can be caught as and when they pull off a tumble. "Diving? This is not the same in all countries. In England it is much less," Seedorf told the New York Times.

"I think it would help to use some rugby rules here. When someone is lying on the ground, let the doctor enter, remove him and let the game go on. It will help because a team will be left right away with 10 players and nobody wants to be at a disadvantage."

"And with the diving, even if they were caught by the camera, the referee may miss it. Nothing happens to that player. That is the reality of the game today. If a player is a good actor and he does it at the right moment, he can get an advantage. "

"These are possibilities in the game today. You can’t always blame the player if those are the rules, even if I think the players who do this are wrong and we should be as sporting as possible. It is not part of my game. I get quite irritated even when my teammates do it."

Seedorf claims the problem in Italy is far worse as he takes a swipe at both Inter and Juventus, accusing their players of play acting. "In the last game with Juventus and Inter, I was quite disappointed at one point when two players were hit in one moment and they were both keeping their hands on their faces even though they were hit elsewhere," he added.

"It is a bit of a lack of respect for the game. It is like you’re acting like a wimp. Don’t be a wimp."


I don't watch Serie A, so I don't know if this is true or not, but I never thought Italian football was more diver friendly than the PL or La Liga. Maybe its me being ill-informed, because as I say, I don't follow Italian teams at all. I do like the last quote though very much indeed...

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