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Real Madrid do stuff. and stuff

This is a Real Madrid post. Sergio does some charity.Sergio once again tucks his scarf in his shirt. A bunch of dudes eat Christmas lunch together (because that's not gay, right?). Pepe crys, not because he read ontd_football. Villa calls Pepe. Xabi, Higuian, and Kaka show us their balls. 


Ok so don't tell anyone, but when I first saw this pic I thought they were at a washateria.    

They are buying tickets to their charity match "Sergio Ramos and Frederic Kanoute will captain the teams set to clash at the Bernabeu on Tuesday 22 December (20:00 CET) in the Champions for Africa match. Both players symbolically purchased a ticket for the game at the stadium today, urging football fans to do the same. The funds from the match will be invested in charitable projects in Mali through the Kanoute Foundation, such as building a school in Bamako, and other Unicef and Nelson Mandela Foundation projects. more

Sergio: OMG they accedently gavee me tickets to Equus. I wonder why?
Kanoute: I think I know       


 LOL Raul got stuck sitting at the grown-up table. Guess that's what happens when you have kid # 5.   

A fucking white coat and shirt. WHITE COAT!  He looks like a groom or PDiddy.    
Guess who Ronaldo sat next to.

After their Xmas lunch they players visited different hospitals. more

Pepe is on the mend!

He 's said he was very moved by all of the messages of support he recieved. (obviously he wasn't reading ontd_football)    

What did you think when you realised it wasn’t just a simple blow to the knee?

I will never forget that play with Villa. I jumped and experienced no pain when I landed, but I noticed harsh pain when I started running again and I realised I had hurt myself. I asked to be substituted quickly so that whoever came on for me warmed up quickly because the game was being rather tough and complicated. I knew I couldn’t get back on the pitch with the pain I felt.

It’s inevitable not to cry in days like these. I’m sure you’ve shed some tears…

I admit I have. I’m human and it’s inevitable to be hurt when something like this happens. Many things go through your mind, but the worst time was when the doctor told me I had torn my anterior cruciate ligament. I had hopes for it not to be that serious, but I couldn’t avoid crying when the diagnosis was made. Everything changed when I arrived home and saw the Club’s official website. I gathered a lot of strength thanks to all the messages of support. I wanted to come back just to thank these magnificent fans for their support.

Villa even called you after the match…

My injury was really bad luck. Villa had nothing to do with it, but I am very grateful for his support. He told me he was having a rough time about it, which was important to me. Before the game I said Villa is the striker that puts me to the test the most and it will continue to be so. I will return and I will play many games against him, as long as he doesn’t happen to join this squad in the future. Barcelona’s Puyol also sent me a text message expressing his support, which was a very nice gesture.  


You received more than 1,000 messages of support in just 24 hours. It must be nice to feel the fans’ affection…

I am speechless. It was quite emotional to receive messages from all over the world. From Venezuela to Chile, from Spain to Brazil. It was amazing to see I was loved and I felt proud for being part of this club. I realised I had to come back for them. I can’t wait to dedicate my recovery to them. I will always think of them.

Which message impacted you the most?

They all did. The first I read was one published on the website, and then one from a team-mate. The first was written by a father whose son had the same injury and said he had recovered in five months. The other was from Ruben de la Red [his voice cracks with emotion]. I struck me how he said I should look at what he’s doing, that six months is no time at all. Ruben said he wished he had been told that he would be fine in six months. I realised some had it worse than me.

Your team-mates showed their affection this morning. Some visited you at home on Tuesday. The support of the squad is important, isn’t it?

Cristiano Ronaldo, Marcelo and Iker, as one of the captains, came to see me. I was very happy and grateful to them. Their support is very important, just as much as that from the people who wrote messages on These moments are very emotional and unforgettable.

Pepe's message to the fans
"I heartfully thank all my team-mates for their support. They've been true friends from the start. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!" "It is tough to learn you have such a serious injury. I experienced rage, sadness, fear... But thanks to you and everyone who is somehow supporting me I've managed to gather up strength. I'll have to do a great job during recovery. I will return for all of you. Thank you all!" a few more questions

Higuain, Kaka and Xabi flashing some balls to Madrid.  Higuain's shoes match Kaka's jacket. Seriously, he had to know Kaka would be wearing green. 

Xabi toots his own horn.
Xabi put that down bb, you know I'll blow your horn.
Kaka wants to blow Xabi's horn.
Kaka gets excited watching Xabi blow his own horn; touches his own.
Whoever can tell me the number of phallic objects in this picture wins a vuvuzela

Because there are children in this pic I will refrain from making any dick jokes    

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