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Chelsea 3-3 Everton

Once again a highly selective picspam because we have finals to get through and need to think happy thoughts.

All I want for Christmas are more Chelsea goals without equalizers from opposing teams


Drogba is number one.

Number one at giving hugs.

At least they still follow the rules of a proper Chelsea celebration. At least three players must be present.

You must smile even if it makes your jaw hurt.

Awkward sexual moments optional, check to see if the situation allows for it.


The only complement I can ever think of for Anelka is that he has a nice face, because he really does.

Anelka makes sure his cheeks are nice and warm for winter.

This is unrelated to his ability to score, which he can do with or without a beard.

The beard does seem to induce more smiles.

Or maybe he's just smiling because all the blood is rushing to his head.

Option B) He's smiling at Drogba's "I'm a little teapot" dance either that or Drogba is doing a Joey imitation

Joey is, after all, quite easy to imitate.

Put on something blue and run around a lot.

You don't have to worry about smiling at the camera.

Just make sure your thighs are showing and let your face do whatever it wants.

Joey impression, you're doing it right.

You're allowed to have some good moments.

Joey takes the time to tell the ref about how big this one girls boobs were.

He knows how to captivate an audience.

Lamps doesn't think it's fair for Fellaini to attach a balloon to his head to help increase his jumping, but the ref's too busy to care.


Drogba's never too busy to score or if you ask a certain French manager, he's never busy unless he's scoring

Drogba has a bit of a smiling malfunction.

His teammates misread this and assume that Drogba wants a kiss, so they stay away.

Or rather, they run away.

Sideline Reality from Ancelotti

What, do you want presents this year?

You're going to have to earn them.

And you're not doing a good job of it right now.

Don't worry though, of course I still love you as much as I love gesturing with my hand and eyebrow

All Carlo wants is some silverware and for no one to make fun of his hat, some homemade cheese and job security


Reality sucks, thighs are better.

We're really going to miss Drogba in January :(
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