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This is a much needed Turkish Lig post.

SO, I've noticed that there have been like 2 Turkish Lig posts since the inception of this community, and I thought this would be a good opportunity to introduce the two biggest teams in Turkey and one of the most intense sport rivalries in the world: Galatasaray and Fenerbahce. They have the largest followings in the country and are the most successful Turkish teams in the European context, with Galatasaray having won the UEFA Cup over Arsenal in 2000. Fenerbahce became UEFA Champions League quarter-finalists in 2007/08 after beating Sevilla in the knockout round.

I'll keep it rather simple! Today is a spotlight on Fenerbahce and tomorrow, my team Galatasaray.
Fenerbahce: Means lighthouse-garden in Turkish. Nicknamed the Yellow Canaries. Have a a gorgeous stadium in the heart of the Asian side of Istanbul.

Most notable/valuable players:

Captain Alex: Was the top scorer of the Turkish Premier League in 2006/07 and assists leader of UEFA CL in 2007/08 (with 6 assists). He apparently has a modeling contract with Armani that I was not aware of...

Semih Senturk
: Was a virtual unkown until Euro 2008, when he saved the Turkish National Team with his last-second goal against Croatia (120+2 minute, now holds the record for scoring the latest goal in a European Championship tournament) and was appropriately nicknamed 'the lifeguard,' 'lifesaver,' and 'super-sub.' If you're Croatian, you might also know him by any applicable curse word.

This just became an excuse to post Euro 2008 pics. BRB

Not going to lie, I cried after the Germany match (hey, 3/4 of the starters were reserves, YEA, I'M STILL BITTER.)

Oh shit, how did that get in there.

Roberto Carlos
: I still wonder how he went from Real Madrid to Fenerbahce. Everyone loves him b/c he's Roberto freakin Carlos. Leaving for S.C. Corinthians at the end of the season to be with his buddy [fat] Ronaldo. Most memorable Fenerbahce moment is, hands down, his almost impossible corner kick goal. GOOGLE IT.

dos Santos
: I don't know. He's always making weird faces, so I guess he belongs on this list.

Colin Kazim-Richards
, also known as Kazim Kazim (hehe): His mother is Turkish Cypriot and his father, Antiguan; born and raised in England before transferring to Fener. Scored his second UEFA CL goal against Chelsea, which Fener won 2-0 at home. I like him.

Bonus Cris.

Emre Belozoglu (aka TRAITOR OF ALL TIME, GRR, ARGH): Made Pele's FIFA 100 list. Quite a talent indeed. Only 5'7 (1.71) but accurate left-food and incredible speed. Was part of the Galatasaray youth rank and played in the senior team for 5 years before transferring to Inter Milan, where, in the 2002–03 season, became the 17th winner of the Pirata d'Oro (Golden Pirate), an annual award given for the Internazionale player of the year. Afterward, he moved to Newcastle United, where he was known as the "Turk of the Tyne" for his match-winning free-kick against rivals Sunderland. AND THEN HE MOVED TO FENERBAHCE AND BROKE MY HEART. END OF STORY. JUST IMAGINE XAVI MOVING TO REAL MADRID. OKAY, BYE.
Speaking of Xavi.

He has a cute girlfriend with really nice hair.

He's also known for his unbelievable temper.

Diego Lugano: Everyone loves Lugano; he is especially appreciated by the fans. He's also the captain of the national Uruguay team. Oh, and he's good-looking.
Hey guys, this is a ball.

And one of my personal faves:

Daniel Guiza: Come on, he's Guiza. Nevertheless, he was signed for 14 million euro, becoming the most expensive foreign player to be transferred to the Turkish League. In his first month, he managed to score twice in the League and another two in the UEFA CL. And then he stopped scoring.
He's so flllyyy.


Volkan Demirel: most notable for his overall lameness. Oh, and his random saves and facial expressions during Euro 2008 (though that red card was such bullshit). He's dating Miss Belgium 2009. Did I mention everyone in Turkey makes fun of him?



The stadium is in like the busiest place. Worst traffic ever - but best promotion ever. Heh.

LOL EL CLASICO. If you couldn't tell, Turks love La Liga.

This post was brought to you by doner.

This post has been approved.

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