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Ines del Sol

8 blinks of Champions League

Sad hot and happy. That's the way Champions League is.

Od pic-of-the-day

Od pic-of-the-day
"You see moaners You see? I am the special One!"
Inter is through. Jose's job is safe for now.

Od pic-of-the-day
Fernando in the rain, one of the most epic views in the world

Od pic-of-the-day
Sevilla v.Rangers match was really tough.


Od pic-of-the-day
It was adorable. Steven's daughters are far too cute :)

"Be good girl. Daddy is stressed to the max"

Od pic-of-the-day
Photo agency caption: Standard Liege's goalkeeper Sinan Bolat (bottom) celebrates with team mate Mohamed Sarr after scoring a goal against AZ Alkmaar


Od pic-of-the-day
"Bayern plowed Juventus"

Bayern Munich's coach Louis van Gaal (centre) talks to reporters at the airport in Turin, of December 9, 2009

Od pic-of-the-day
Hurting nipples was popular yesterday

Belgium's Standard Liege player Wilfried Dalmat, left, challenges Dutch AZ Alkmaar player Sebastien Pocognoli

Od pic-of-the-day
Defeated warrior.

Od pic-of-the-day

Bayern Munich's celebrating. I have no words for those lads...

Center: Getty images, Reuters
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