Live imperfectly with great delight (sashaj22) wrote in ontd_football,
Live imperfectly with great delight

Dream of Playing in Santiago Bernabéu with Sergio Ramos?

Sergio and Frederic Kanouté's Champions for Africa Charity Match is coming up in a couple weeks (December 22) and UNICEF and Marca are giving away two spots on the teams
. The winners get to choose which team (Sergio's la Liga team or Kanouté's Africa United) they will play for and be on the field playing with Sergio, Navas, Negredo, Villa and many more for ten minutes. Winners will be flown to Madrid, train with the team and basically enjoy the life of a footballer all on the dime of UNICEF and Marca. There will also be 10 alternates in case there are injuries. If an alternate is not used, they still get tickets to the game.

How to enter contest: text "MARCA AFRICA" to 25900* before midnight on December 12. Be between the ages of 16-35 and, I'm pretty sure you have to live in Spain :(

So girls, if you got to spend 10 minutes on the field with Sergio, what would you do? Manpile? Touch his hair? Pull down his shorts? Rip off his shirt? Jump on his back?
Tags: charity has never been so sexy, sergio ramos

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