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bayern make final 16, cee eats a sock + .gifs

First off, I am not even sure what exactly happened here. But what I can say that I almost ate a sock and Bayern Munich who have been balls all season long somehow managed to scale a four goal comeback and qualify for the final sixteen of the Champions' League.

was ist das?!

(Butt's PK @ 0:56)

Bayern's been having a bit of a goal depression lately. So it's only right/destiny/hilarious that our goalkeeper would take the penalty kick.

Swish and flick!

Meanwhile, Pranjic looks like he's about to go to the races.

Who's your daddy?

The Easter-Island face of celebration.

To me there is no difference.

"Buttbutt take me with you, the Italian defenders are bullyinnggg meeee."

Olic's goal made it 1-2.

And from the reverse angle.

. . .


A zen only matched by Siddhartha.

Micho doing airplane impersonations behind Olic?

It's certainly a possibility.

A sword could be Photoshop'd into MIcho's hand.


"Excuse me Mr. Diego, I would like that ball, please."

I'm not entirely sure what's going on here. Either it's a failed team building exercise pyramid that you do at summer camps or. . .

Or Schweini and Mario removed Tymo's headband and started playing with his hair while humping him.

I think Badstuber definitely makes this photo.

You put your right foot in you put your right foot out.


Schweini with his arm glued to one side.

Getty steamrolled this image which may explain how Mario Gomez started to bear semblance to Fat Frank's round face.

I guess they swarmed the camera man/stampeded him for this angle?


Thinking about Toaster Stroodles, poptarts, lollipops, cake. . .etc. etc.

"You want me to put what where?"


Mario you sick puppy.

Worst camera angle ever.

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