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A Selective View of Chelsea 2-2 Apoel Nicosia

No matter what happened Chelsea was already through to the knock out stage, so let's just celebrate the goals they did score and ignore the ones Apoel scored


You're not going to stop Essien.

So don't bother trying.

At least you'll be in a good position to see him score.

Yes, Essien is so happy, he's steaming.

Notice how all of the other players are giving him a wide berth.

They know he needs to get some emotions out.

When the steam subsides it's safe to approach.

Send over the smallest player as a sacrifice if you're still not sure.

There seems to be at least one good hugging picture each game, and this one is it.

A few minutes later Essien gets hurt.

Hopefully it's not that serious.

Meanwhile on the sideline

Ancelotti has the mouth of an opera singer. If there was an opera about football he should certainly be cast.

Sure, they can be happy without wearing their hats.

But I, for one, would be happier if they were wearing them.


At first Drogba doesn't score.

He makes sure the rain doesn't interfere with his show of disappointment.

But then he does score.

He cools off in the rain before finding his teammates.

Just look at the hugs going on.

Ignore the bald spot.

Maybe it's caused by the stress of only scoring one goal so far this season.

Just be happy that at most other angles you have plenty of other things to stare at.

And it's not nearly as distracting as this is.

Please note that in reality things weren't all that happy, especially later on in the second half when Apoel equalized. This game was not the confidence booster we were looking for. :(

It was not a good evening. We did well first half, played well and scored two goals with intensity but the second half was totally different, we lost intensity, we lost concentration, played too slowly, too soft. The second half was not good.

I am unhappy because we have to play 90 minutes with intensity and concentration. The result was not important, but it is important to play our best every game. Tonight was not like we want. The second half, I don't have problems to say this, we played bad.

I think it is psychological. I see every day players train very well in all psychological situations. Tomorrow will be different.

pictures are slow today so I'll be sure to add more as they come in
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