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Kim Jong-il bans World Cup coverage - unless North Korea win

Kim Jong-il, the North Korean leader, has banned the World Cup from being shown in his country – unless they win.

The Supreme Leader has ordered state-run television not to broadcast live games, and to only screen highlights of North Korea's victories. The ruling means that 99 per cent of the country's 29 million population will not be able to find out who wins the competition unless the 350-1, outsiders win it.

Games between other nations will be banned from the airwaves, while any highlights of North Korea's matches will be heavily edited to ensure that they look like the better team. All advertising in the stadiums will also be blurred out – along with opposition fans, The Sun newspaper reported.

Mike Breen, author of highly-respected book Kim Jong-il: North Korea's Dear Leader, said: "Like everything else there, the regime will have complete control over the World Cup.

"North Korea will not pay for the TV rights, which means they will not be able to screen live games on state television. They are more likely to get footage from South Korea and then it will be heavily edited to suit the regime.

"Only the ruling elite with access to other satellite channels will be able to watch games involving other countries. The majority of the population will have to make do with very one-sided highlights packages hours, and possibly even days, after the game. Any loss will either be ignored or given the smallest of mentions. Once North Korea are knocked out, I would be amazed if there were any mention of the World Cup at all."

It is the first time that North Korea has qualified for the World Cup in 44 years. The last time they qualified was in England in 1966 when they pulled off one of the biggest shocks by beating Italy 1-0 to reach the quarter finals.


Considering North Korea are in the same group as Brazil, Portugal, and the Ivory Coast...I don't want to be a negative Nancy, because obviously anything can happen, but I'm guessing they're not gonna see a lot of coverage up in the good ol' DPRK.
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