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Why So Serious?

Let your favorite Russian couple show you how to have some fun.

Wear a hat, hats are lots of fun. You can't help but to have fun with something like that on your head.

Learning can also be fun.

It's at least more fun for you than for the wax statues.

If you're still having trouble finding fun, a magnifying glass may help.

Smoking is fun, as long as that's a bubble pipe.

Alternatively you could hang out with other footballers and their wags.

Whoopi would probably be more entertaining.

You can ask Jolie for beauty tips, apparently gold mustaches are in, as long as they match your dress.

If that doesn't work, sing.

Even if you don't have access to wax figures and are stuck at home, you can still have fun.

You can go on the internet.

But be nice, and think before you type anything.

Or you can practice your fruit/football gear arrangements.

Needs more fruit.

Be sure to add a person touch.

The best part about this is, you get to eat the fruit and wear all the clothes when you're done.

Other fun activites include signing balloons.

And taking your child to football matches where they can practice stealing the hearts of everyone there.

Hanging out with dinosaurs automatically guarantees you'll have a good time.

You know what else is fun? Family photos.

Family photos everywhere, both on the ground.

And in the air.

Just be warned, taking family photos gets less and less fun as it goes on.

Family photos is officially no longer fun.

If this happens, pose with the youngest and cutest family member.

And if that still doesn't work, only take photos of the youngest and cutest family member.

But wait, there's an even younger Arshavin!

Their daughter really does exist!

And will have to wear at least one pink item of clothing for the rest of her life.

What's better than one baby? Two babies.

The moral of this post is to learn how to balance srz bzns and fun. Or it could just be that the Arshavin family is really sweet. Or the moral could just be to document every single aspect of your life and post it on the internet so people can go and add comments to it. Or I could just be trying to get everyone here to decorate their houses with fruit and football paraphernalia.

All photos taken from his official site
Tags: andrei arshavin, baller babies, wag
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