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For those of you who could never get enough Real Madrid I give you a brief directory of some Real Communities on LJ, some of which will gladly take your post entitled "OMG, Iker farted" or anything of the like.

hala_madrid ~ This is the mandatory community that all RM fans must belong to!!!!

ramos_fans for all things relating to the Ramos.

portero_calvo Iker and Real Madrid snobs. You don't want to play with us.

sergioaday a comm delivering daily Sergio pics.

kaka_online for all things relating to Kaka, has an accompanying website.

estebangranero For all things relating to everyones favorite Pirate and has a web site too.

ontd_cuntcracks because Perez will buy you bitch!!

And introducing the all new guti_haz_luvahs For all things Guti!

As well as casa_arbeloa Your source for all things Alvaro Arbeloa related.

A few that I am less familiar with:

xabieralonso, crika98, fernandogagofix, gagito, rubendelared, so_many_bfs, higuain_fans, karimbenzema, c_ronaldo_fans, metzelderfans, xabialonso

And a few that seem to be languishing:

realmadridfans, los_blancos, iker_love

Now I would also like to take this opportunity to ask our Serie A followers to post more. I barely have enough time to follow one team and Roma was my first love. I miss them.

Hala Madrid
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P.S. Do you have or know of a Real Community that I missed? Let me know and I will gladly add your comm to the list.

And yes, I still update this post from time to time. Image and video hosting by TinyPic Luna - Jan 24, 2010

ETA: I am doing a much better job of keeping the version on my journal updated if you are looking for a comm in particular. Luna - June 2010
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