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MLS Generation Adidas players vlog their way through South Africa

~bringing the old wooden ship known as Diversity to ontd_football~

So a lot of times, when college and U-17 players enter the MLS draft, they sign Generation Adidas contracts. They get better salaries, they're automatically protected in an expansion draft, and it's kind of a developmental program and once they play so many minutes in the league, they "graduate" from the program. They're also guaranteed college scholarships so they can go back and finish their education if their career ends up not panning out. It's a great program that many USMNT players went through in their MLS days.

Anyways, while the program in itself is awesome, the important part is they go on a tour after the season as the Generation Adidas team with an MLS coach (Crew coach Robert Warzycha, the Crew's only representative on the trip) and play some games against foreign reserve sides to get some international experience. They gave some of the players cameras and let them do video blogs every day of the trip. The first four are up and embeddable (the fifth is on the mls site but not the mls blog, so it's not embeddable yet) and they're totally adorable. I would wait and post this until they're all up but I'm nervous about football and this is distracting me.

Kevin Alston plays for the New England Revolution and has amazing hair. Too bad Brek Shea had to pull out of the trip with knee problems (get your shit together, bb!), they could have had a hair-off.

Eric Avila plays for FC Dallas. He's hilarious. He and Chris Pontius went to college together at UCSB so they're all BFF-y.

Chris Pontius plays for DC United. He's gorgeous. He's adorable. He got naked for ESPN. Really, what more could you want? This video also includes singing.

Stefan Frei plays for Toronto FC. He's Swiss. He also shows us his unique way of vlogging by turning the camera sideways.

Um, yes, I realize they're terrible at taking video and zooming and all that stuff. But look past that to the guys' adorableness.
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