Javier Zanetti's OCD. (bustedflush) wrote in ontd_football,
Javier Zanetti's OCD.

Jabulani Meets His Abusers

(Jabulani be chillin.)

justdoit7 introduced us to Jabulani earlier today, but it turns out he's already spent some time with guys who wear Adidas gear for their clubs, namely Chelsea, Real, and Bayern. (Supposedly Milan got to play, too, but I'll be damned if I can find pictures -- if you've got any, please share in the comments.)

Ballack, getting up-close and personal with Jabulani.

"Oh, you want me to play? I thought you said 'be a playa.' My bad."

Seal tricks while wearing 14 rings. Now that is skill.

Meanwhile, over on the side pitch, Frank and Petr were just trying stay out of Ballack's way.

And Frank was showing off his skillz giant, ridiculous compression shorts.

Cech is sure he won't drop this one in a huge game. Well, mostly sure. 99% sure.

Somebody needs a haircut.

Somebody who is very pleased to have tamed Jabulani already.

Gonzo, meanwhile, isn't taming anyone -- Jabulani is his friend!

Look at him, he's beaming even as he kicks the crap out of his new little pal! Not sure how healthy that is, really.

Xabi: *wanders in, look around in disgust, steps on Jabulani's face, and leaves*

Look, everyone -- Bayern people!

This might be the first time I've ever look at Van Bommel.

It's a special feeling to meet him at the same time Jabulani does, really.


Ok, who wants to tell Schweinsteiger he's being attack by something that looks like a tiny tribble?

Not that it seems to be bothering him any.

Maybe he likes being clung to by small, fuzzy balls? (I'm not even going to try to make that sound suggestive, it's impossible.)

And, finally, a handful of very large pictures of football and friends:
imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com

ETA: Videos of Benzema and Lampard with Jabulani are here in the comments. (Thanks, n720!)
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