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It has begun.

Shortly after the 2010 World Cup final draw concluded and Real Madrid’s internationals learned who they would be competing against next summer in South Africa, Casillas (Spain), Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal), Kaka (Brazil), Benzema (France), Higuain (Argentina), Metzelder (Germany) and Van der Vaart (Netherlands) held a joint press conference at the Santiago Bernabeu to discuss their thoughts on the draw results and the competition.

What can you say about the draw?
We were lucky when you look at all the teams, but we have to respect every opponent. We cannot think we have the nine points in hand. We must play against great teams if we want to reach the final. The knockout rounds are the most difficult. There is a long time to go. It will be discussed a lot until then, but we will do as well as Spain is supposed to.

Your thoughts on Spain’s group?
I think Chile is the most complex. We played against them last year. They defended well. I know Bravo, who plays for Real Sociedad. They did well in qualifying. We are less familiar with Honduras and Switzerland. Spain must make it to the next round.

You may face Brazil or Portugal in the Last 16.
We have to play against the best teams in order for Spain to do well. We cannot reach the final against teams that aren’t favorites. There are some teams who always do well in the World Cup. We need to play like we have been and get to South Africa in the best shape possible. We will have to play our hearts out if we face Brazil or Portugal. It would be a real pleasure to cross paths with them.

How would you describe the Spanish national team?
It is a time for hope and excitement.

Several of your teammates play for teams who have won the World Cup.
Brazil, Argentina, Germany and France have already won it. We want to be there too. I envy Kaka because he is already a world champions. And Metzelder too because he played in a final. We will try to earn our first star on top of our crest.

Is the fact that no European team has ever won a World Cup outside of Europe a handicap?
It’s a coincidence.

Who will be the best player in the World Cup?
I hope it’s the entire Spanish national team. No player stood out in the Euro, but every one of us played a role.

Has the team forgotten about losing to the United States in the Confederations Cup?
We found ourselves in a unique circumstance. They scored on their two chances. They had luck on their side that day. We lost one match in ten. That’s it. They defended well and reached the final.

What can you say about the draw?
We have a complicated group. It will be difficult but I am happy to be facing teammates and friends. Football is always complicated. We have to play well to win and we are motivated to be facing great teams.

Your thoughts on Portugal’s group?
Brazil is the strongest team, but Ivory Coast is also a tough rival. It is a hard group. We will have to be in our best form. Winning the first match is very important.

You may cross paths with Spain in the Last 16.
I would be happy to. They are a great team, but right now my only concern is the group stage. It will be a good sign if we face Spain. It will mean we moved through.

Who will be the best player in the World Cup?
It depends on who wins the World Cup. It is hard to pick just one player.

Your thoughts on Argentina’s group?
It is a difficult group. Nigeria can cause a lot of trouble. Greece won the Euro before Spain, and then there is Korea. They are all here for a reason. We hope to do well in the group stage.

How does Argentina see this World Cup?
What matters is going, doing well and returning home with the trophy.

How will you score on Casillas if you cross paths with Spain?
I hope we don’t cross paths with Spain, but we will try our best if we do. Iker is easy to beat (laughs).

Who will be the best player in the World Cup?
It’s hard to say because these are the best teams in the world. I agree with Kaka in that if the best player is on your team it means you did well in the competition.

Your thoughts on Brazil’s group?
I think it is the hardest there is. There are other tough groups, but ours is the group of death. I think it is good because we have to be focused from the very start.

How does Brazil see this World Cup?
This World Cup is redemption for the 2006 competition when we didn’t play very well.

How will you score on Casillas if you cross paths with Spain?
I hope we don’t face Spain in the Last 16 so that we can play them later on, which may happen if we both finish top in our groups. Luis Fabiano is a great player and can score on Casillas. Saint Iker is one of the best keepers in the world. It’s great to have him on your club team, but on your national team is a different story.

Who do you think will win the competition if you are eliminated?
We are talking about favorites. Spain is playing very well and can win it. England, too. Then there are teams with a lot of tradition like Italy, Germany, Argentina, France and Netherlands. Anyone can win it. Whoever is the last standing is the best.

Is Spain the overall favorite?
Spain is playing very well, which is worrisome for its rivals. They know how to play each match and they have a lot of individual talent.

Who will be the best player in the World Cup?
I hope he’s Brazilian, which would mean Brazil won the World Cup. Cannavaro was the best player in 2006 because Italy won. Zidane played very well but France didn’t win.

Are you familiar with the Japanese national team?
I am not. We have a tough group but we are the favorites.

How would you describe your team?
We always play well but don’t tend to win.

Your thoughts on the Netherland’s group?
It’s a difficult group, but we are the favorites. I think we will beat Japan, but they have a good chance of finishing second.

Who will be the best player in the World Cup?

Your thoughts on France’s group?
I think we drew a good group, but there are no easy matches in the World Cup. We will make it through to the next round and perform well. Argentina will be hard to beat in a possible Last 16 matchup. We will do our very best.

How would you describe your team?
I think we have a great team. We reached the final in 2006. We had trouble qualifying but we can do well.

Who is the team to beat?
Mexico and Uruguay play similar to Brazil and pass a lot. South Africa will want to do well as hosts. We must respect all our opponents.

Who will be the best player in the World Cup?
The World Cup brings together great players. The best might be Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka, Ribery, Xavi…

Your thoughts on Germany’s group?
It is a hard group but not extremely difficult. Australia have proven a lot, we are familiar with Serbia, who did well in qualifying against France and Ghana is the best African team.

How does Germany see this World Cup?
We hope we have the mentality and luck to go far.

Who do you think will win the competition if you are eliminated?
Brazil are one of the favorites, but there are a lot of strong team capable of winning. There is Brazil, Argentina and plenty of others, but I think Spain is the clear-cut favorite.

Who will be the best player in the World Cup?
It is important that what took place in 2008 happens again, when a Real Madrid player brought the trophy back to the Bernabeu. There is a good chance that a member of this team finishes as the best player of the World Cup.

The Bromance has hit an epic level, folks.

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