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Blackburn 3-3 Chelsea Penalties 4-3

Get his autograph now, because you're not going to want to be anywhere near him after the game.

Blackburn 1-0 Chelsea

The photogs were nice and didn't take very many pics of Blackburn when they scored.

Instead, they focused on Ancelotti, so I'm relying on him to provide all of the reaction shots. This shows mild shock.

Mikel's going to regret turning down this hug later.

Look thighs!

This will distract from the pain that's going to come in the next few hours.

Young, but still legal thighs.

Blackburn 1-1 Chelsea

39 minutes later Chelsea finally responds with an equalizer. And if you like to find patterns in numbers you'd expect that Anelka was the goal scorer, but you'd be wrong.

Drogba makes sure you know that he was the one who scored.

And that he scored for Chelsea.

He will continue to hover in the air until he feels he's gotten the recognition he deserves.

Bran just likes to jump.

Yuri has something against horizontal stripes on his socks, maybe he thinks they make his calves look fat.

Blackburn 1-2 Chelsea

You don't have to wait long for the next goal.

Hugs for everyone.

Everything is wonderful, even for the short little newbies.

Nothing bad could possibly happen....

Blackburn 2-2 Chelsea

Bad things happened via a penalty kick in the 93rd minute.

Bad for Chelsea at least.

And bad for people who don't like other people's hands around their neck.

To make matter worse, Kalou gets hurts, and all the subs are used up, so Chelsea is down to 10. And to make your heart problems even worse this is the end of full time.

Ballack quite possibly went on a rampage.

There was blood.

Drogba's there to help cover it up.

Blackburn 3-2 Chelsea

Ancelotti puts on his hat.

And sees if this one is going to be the lucky one.

Blackburn 3-3 Chelsea

Looks like it is lucky, at least for now.

Ferreira (bottom, under Ballack, maybe, he's somewhere in the pile) scores.

Chelsea players learn that their inability to form a proper pyramid means that they would never make it as cheerleaders, they don't care.


As the tallest, Ballack knows everyone else looks up to him, so he has to try try try not to cry.

Which is easier to do when you don't miss your penalty.

Kakuta's penalty is saved by the keeper's feet.

Chelsea lost, but don't feel sad little bb, it's not entirely your fault.

All posts need to end with happy people, even if they're not happy Chelsea people.

Actually, that's a stupid rule. I want happy Chelsea players, I'll post happy Chelsea players.
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